LOGISTICS AUTHORITY, A Focus On Its Purpose & How!


Logistics authority

Looking at the freight ecosystem, one would understand firms don’t just render services within this axis due to policies put in place, as such, have necessitated the ‘logistics authority’ which serve as enabling tool for concerned entities. Furthermore, this is also because these entities don’t just walk into a nation’s economic sector and freight companies with the aim of carrying out their functions, rather the subject tool is designed as checks which ensure that all logistics and service deliveries went through the right process.

As we know, quite a number of services take place within this axis, bearing in mind that, the ports serve as an economic door to every nation. Based on this, the subject topic is in no doubt considered paramount. Should firms have services to render! One is certain such entity should be authorized otherwise it will be view ineligible to carry out its functions let alone gaining access into the port premises.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of factors to be considered before a freight entity would have the subject tool authorized by any port authority or shipping company. Firstly, the customs command, documents required, and the process of this approval. However, the subject approval is often carried out yearly, precisely within the first quarter (Q1).

In order to shape things in the right proportion, it will be fair to initiate this resolution from the customs angle, taking into account its command. In my view, I would suggest starting on this note would help avoid the ugly outcome. Yet one may ask, why customs command and the meaning! To be clear, every economic zone in a country is usually mapped out by the federal government of that country based on the location of its economic doors. For instance, Port of Log Angeles or Port of Long Beach located in the United States, and the ports located in Durban and Cape Town in South Africa are associated with a unique customs command. But the ports in Lagos Nigeria comprising of Tin-can Island and Apapa ports consist of two customs commands, yet in the same city. So what’s the rationale! The existence of duo economic doors.

Moving from there is to dive into the shipping company and port requirements. And as regards these entities, firms or companies whose business would revolve within the freight ecosystem will, of course, be required to, firstly, figure out the requirements of these entities in order to ensure a smooth flow. While prior to this, the necessary customs document, such as ‘Form C-30 which depict a firm’s license to operate within the axis of that command ought to have been obtained and endorsed by the customs command. However, these freight entities (ports and shipping companies) will as part of enforced economic policies require a set of the firm’s registered documents in order to have its logistics authority processed, precisely the firm’s certificate.

To find an articulating point that will in no doubt nail this subject, I would be right to state that the measures deployed by freight entities that are aimed at authority approval, if placed side-by-side isn’t far from similar. Based on this, it will be right to focus solely on how freight company authority approval is processed. In view of this, firstly, it will be good to also bear in mind that eligible firms whose service delivery is tied to this sphere wouldn’t be running this process without approaching the subject company with an application letter that includes the firm’s valid documents. Otherwise, such a firm is rather considered a joke if this measure is ignored. However, it will also be good for us to have an overview of how the subject application letter is structured.

The General Manager

ABC Shipping Company

A4, Marine Complex

Lagos, Nigeria

Dear Sir,


This is to certify that the under-mentioned names, specimen, signature, and passport photographs which appear below are the staff of this organization and are authorized to receive documents and as well effect delivery of any shipment on behalf of this firm.

Staff Name……

Staff Name……

For ABC Shipping Company LTD


And once the above has been shaped accordingly, which will be drafted alongside the names of those responsible coupled with other information of those declared eligible by the subject firm as its representatives whose passport photographs will be enclosed on the application.

Consequently, the following documents would be required to wrap up this subject (logistics authority approval). These include:

The company or firm’s certificate

The port authority license

Customs license

The Form C-30

The Tax Clearance.

While taking into account the customs command, unlike the approach given to Freight Company’s approval process, every port or terminal is purely associated with a specific customs command. Regardless, I will urge firms and companies to do the needful in order to avoid license seizure. Lastly, if the process is followed meticulously! The firm is totally in for business.

I hope you found this article on logistics authority, helpful?