London’s AudioStack Scores €2.9M To Scale Entities Audio-quality

London’s AudioStack Scores €2.9 Million To Scale Studio-quality Audio Production For Enterprises

London's AudioStack

London’s AudioStack reportedly raised a €2.9 million pre-Series A round aimed at revolutionizing large-scale audio production for enterprises with the aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the round was led by Quadri Ventures.

Founded in 2019, the startup’s technology suite offers an end-to-end platform with the capability to scale audio production without compromising quality – from voiceovers to audio spots, dynamic creatives, sound design, custom brand voice synthesis (voice cloning), mastering, and delivery.

With the startup’s platform, studio-quality audio assets can be created more rapidly than the traditional approach, empowering users to create thousands of variations of audio assets at speed and scale, paving the way for more personalized, better quality audio based on voice, language, and Call-to-Action and reducing the turnaround time for audio production from several days down to a few hours or minutes.

Given the use of cutting-edge AI, the startup is disrupting an industry overrun with manual, obsolete, and costly processes, but is at the moment witnessing a significant change as AI permeates audio production while creating unicorn success stories in the process.

Led by co-founder ‘Dr. Timo Kunz’, ‘Bjiörn Ühss’, and ‘Peadar Coyle’, currently, London’s AudioStack is working with a few of the world’s largest ad agencies ranging from Omnicom to Publicis, Publishers like Acast and iHeart, coupled with global brands spanning McDonald’s, Porsche and Mountain Dew.

“This funding round will enable us to continue our global growth and double down on the business cases that are working so well: we have been helping our customers realize enormous savings throughout their creative processes while enabling them to massively scale the output of their production to levels they never dreamed of, allowing us to supercharge creativity”, Dr. Kunz said.

Quadri Ventures specializes in investing in seed to Series B SaaS companies that have AWS as an integral part of their growth strategy. ‘Andrew Drylie’, Principal at Quadri Ventures, added: “AudioStack is setting a new standard for audio production and aims to become the leading infrastructure for audio production globally. They have an incredible team who have revolutionized an antiquated industry with a category-creating Generative AI solution. Bloomberg predicts digital Ads driven by GenAI to grow to $192 billion by 2032, demonstrating the sheer potential of this market size and showcasing the potential for AudioStack to achieve hypergrowth. These factors make them the perfect company for us to partner with and support in the next phase of their exciting growth journey”.

The latest investment round was backed by existing investors including prominent angel investor ‘Fred Destin’ and media investor and former CEO of AdsWizz, ‘Alexis van de Wyer’ who sits on the board, commented: “There is huge market potential for AudioStack and this pre-Series A round will build on the impressive momentum the team have already achieved. I know from experience that large brands and agencies are crying out for a solution to the problems that hold back audio production”