MAY LOSES AUTHORITY, As Pressure Mount Over Brexit!


May loses authority

Theresa May loses authority as she tries to cling on to power, this came as her last move on ‘new bold deal’ backfired. The development of her last Brexit gambit proves the level of division in the United Kingdom.

Some Tory MPs earlier called for her resignation, but it is understood Theresa May’s departure would deepen Brexit crisis as the next leader would likely want a more decisive split with the European Union, while analysts say this could raise chances of a confrontation with the bloc and a possible election that will usher in a socialist.

It is understood, they are pressures emerging from different angles, from Theresa May’s divided party, the Labour party and her cabinet. However, a member of her (Theresa May’s) cabinet resigned, a process that will potentially force her out of the office.

Yesterday the house of common witnessed the resignation of ‘Andrea Leadsom’ a member of Theresa May’s cabinet, in her letter dated 22 May 2019. She stated clearly, “I do now urge you to make the right decisions in the interests of the country, this Government and our Party”. “Fundamentally opposes” parts of the Prime Minister’s new Brexit plan.

Andrea Leadsom warned that the Prime Minister’s new plan to give MPs a vote on a second referendum will be “dangerously divisive”. She also wrote in her resignation letter, “I do not agree with you that the deal which we have negotiated with the European Union means that the United Kingdom will not become a sovereign country”.

A spokesman said, “Andrea Leadsom has served with distinction and great ability as a member of the government, and the Prime Minister is grateful for all of her work. And also added, “We are disappointed that she has chosen to resign and the Prime Minister remains focused on delivering the Brexit people voted for”.

May’s response was “sorry” haven’t worked to deliver Brexit and also wrote in her reply, she was “grateful for the support you have given over the last three years”. May loses authority as pressure deepens, making things worse.

Andrea Leadsom uploaded her resignation letter on her tweeter handler and also tweeted, “It is with great regret and a heavy heart that I have decided to resign from the Government”.

Earlier, the leader of the opposition party ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ in his presentation at the house of common commended Mr. Speaker and the Prime Minister of an advanced copy of this statement (Brexit new bold offer). He said, “In fact, I received it yesterday when the Prime Minister made an appeal in a title seeking common ground in parliament. And when did she make that appeal, not in the parliament, but in a small room just down the road”.

Mr. Speaker it is now clear the ‘bold new deal’, the Prime Minister promised is little more than a repackaged version of her three times rejected deal”.

According to Jeremy, he said no change on a customs union, no change on single market alignment, and no dynamic alignment on environmental protections. As he insists, the prime minister has lost her authority. Adding that nobody here will be fooled by her offer.

The issue of school crisis, hospital and also the housing crisis, adding that “Throughout the last three years the prime minister has made no attempt to unite the country, she’s been focused on keeping her divided party together and it hasn’t worked”.

  • What is next as May loses authority?

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