May win Brexit extension

Theresa May win Brexit extension! This took place on Thursday as parliament vote to delay United Kingdom’s departure from European Union, and as well due to rejection of no-deal from the house of common.

Theresa May win came as the majority of United Kingdoms’ parliament vote to delay Brexit. Based on this, citizens of the United Kingdom are currently concerned over uncertainties of United Kingdoms’ politics. However, some citizens of the United Kingdom saw this development as a joke, and those of the Ireland, if not concerned would have sat back and watch the drama.

Earlier the Prime minister on her presentation to the house said, “I do not want to leave the European Union with no-deal, but with a deal”. This has left the opposition party (Labour party) and some members of the parliaments worried over the future of United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the outcome of parliament vote as May win Brexit extension has left the public nervous.

‘Guy Verhofstaot’ Chair, Alliance of liberals and democrats for Europe had earlier on his presentation with members of the European Union said, “It is a failure that he knows and in the future the United Kingdom will return to the Union. I see Brexit as a bullet in a weapon”.

‘Guy Verhofstaot’ on his responds to the current state of Brexit said to ‘Nigel Farage’, “Say to the British political class to start to make an agreement between the two big parties and start, in fact to have an opinion that we can support here in this parliament, that the opinion will be to have a close relation between the United Kingdom and the European Union and that is the way forward. I think that what is needed is that in British politics, we and our country are put first instead of the party politics that is governing the United Kingdom politics in the house of common”. He kicked against extension prior to the parliament result, which eventually saw May win Brexit extension.

A representative from the British international trade ‘Liam Fox’ on his debate reminded the house of common prior to the parliament vote on Brexit delay quoted, “We in this house, we are not giving our request by the British public to leave the European Union, we were giving an instruction by the  British public to leave the European Union. This has triggered article Fifty (50), this has set the date for leaving as 29 of March”. While speaking at the house of common and as a reminder to the entire house, “that eighty percent (80%) of the house were elected on the manifesto of commitment to honor the result of referendum, not something we should take likely”. Formally, Labour said it doesn’t want referendum and now it does want another referendum. But if we are to leave the European Union! In with instruction is a menu with limited options. “We have to leave with the deal and the only deal available is the Prime ministers’ deal at the present time or we leave with no-deal, with unavoidable consequence”. Alternative, “Is to revoke ‘article 50’ and have no Brexit at all with unavoidable and nu-force able consequences”.  

Citizens and investors in the United Kingdom are left with series of unanswered questions, not knowing what next on ‘Theresa May’s’ effort to deliver on a deal. Analyst say huge damage has already been done on United Kingdoms’ politics, as May win Brexit extension.

  • What is the hope of Britain as May win Brexit extension?

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