Mi SMART BAND 5, Is Xiaomi’s Cheap & Latest Wearable!


Mi smart band 5

Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi unveiled Mi Smart Band 5 structured to deliver series of improvements coupled with amazing features, like the new wireless charging system, bigger screen and not excluding women’s health mode via the company’s previous version ‘Mi Smart Band 4’ that is just a year-old while maintaining its very low price, yet one of the world’s best-selling wearable.

As regards the screen, the subject wearable features a 1.1-inch AMOLED display that is 20 percent bigger than the ‘Mi Smart Band 4’ delivered. Based on this, Xiaomi wearable which is currently the world’s second-largest wearable vendor will be bringing a range of new animated watch faces, and this includes characters from TV series like the Neon Genesis Evangelion and Detective Conan, Spongebob Squarepants, and more.

The company also made it clear that the new smart band is powered by an improved processor it didn’t specify its name that has been developed to track menstrual cycle for the first time, which also support some features such as stress assessment designed to notify the wearer when it’s right to relax.

One great feature and also an improvement that the ‘Mi Smart Band 5’ delivered is its heart-rate monitoring, Xiaomi claimed is now 50 percent. However, the new wearable is compatible with iPhone coupled with Android headsets, with this, it monitors the wearer’s sleep cycle more effectively in addition to REM sleep support, and, in turn, evaluates light and deep sleep sessions.

There is also a model of this version that supports NFC. This model has features that is enabled to support mobile payment services, and can as well be used to unlock smart doors coupled with the fact that it could also be used as a transportation card for user’s selected subways. In addition to that, the wearable current version also has a feature of its predecessor that supports the company’s homegrown digital voice assistant XiaoAI that a user could trigger by swiping to the right of the display.

Meanwhile, there is one vital improvement made in the latest version, and that is the new charging system. Currently, Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band users wouldn’t be going through the clumsy process of removing the tracker out of the strap as they did while using the previous models.

In another dimension, it’s important to note that the latest wearable (Mi Smart Band 5) goes on sale this week in China at the price of $26.75 while the variant of this version starts at $32.5. The latest wearable according to Xiaomi will “soon” be made available in the international markets.

As the company continues to be one of the leading players in the wearable space, it has continued to push hard. A research firm IDC has it that the company shipped 10.1 million wearable devices in the quarter that ended in March 2020, surpassing the like of Samsung, Fitbit, and Huawei. However, Apple has continued to maintain its top spot as the leading wearable brand.

What’s your take on Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 5 features at low price?