MICROSOFT CLOUD. Launches Services For Healthcare!


Microsoft Cloud

The tech and OS giant announced a Microsoft Cloud designed for healthcare, which is also an industry-specific cloud solution precisely for healthcare providers. However, this is the first and an addition to its cloud offerings that target specific cloud providers, such as the trend seen in Google, Amazon’s AWS, and others that offers tailored services to meet the needs of individual organizations.

This is only but one of Microsoft’s newest offerings in this space, some other offering was made public while announcing that of cloud solution structure for healthcare providers, aimed at bringing together a set of capabilities that have been in existence within Microsoft.

Responding to the publication, ‘Tom McGuinness’ corporate vice president, Worldwide Health at Microsoft, and ‘Dr. Greg Moore’ who is the corporate vice president at Microsoft Health, wrote:

“More than ever, being connected is critical to create an individualized patient experience”. Adding that, “the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare helps healthcare organizations to engage in more proactive ways with their patients, allows caregivers to improve the efficiency of their workflows and streamline interactions with Classified as Microsoft Confidential patients with more actionable results”.

The company’s branded offering (Microsoft Cloud for healthcare) will include Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics, and Power Platform, and also not excluding Azure IoT for monitoring patients. However, the intent of the solution is aimed at common data

model designed to make it easier to share data between applications while analyzing data obtained. And added in a press release that:

By providing the right information at the right time, the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare will help hospitals and care providers better manage the needs of patients and staff and make resource deployments more efficient. This solution also improves end-to-end security compliance and accessibility of data, driving better operational outcomes”.

Also, in a bid to provide healthcare providers with specialized services, the company says it’s working with a large partner ecosystem in addition to its own tools (Microsoft tools). While such partners include Allscripts, GE Healthcare, Epic, Adaptive Biotechnologies and not excluding Nuance.

To ascertain the systems communication flow, it noted that the communications service will enable healthcare workers communicate effectively with one another, however, Teams also includes Bookings application that is designed to help its users which includes healthcare providers schedule, manage and conduct virtual visits in Teams which some healthcare systems are already using.

What is your take on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare?