Microsft Surface Neo

Microsoft recently announced its Microsoft Surface Neo, a dual-screen laptop that promises amazing features. The software giant formally made the announcement lately in its event held in New York, this has been rumored for a long time, however, the Surface device isn’t accessible or in the market at the moment, while the good news is that it will be available to consumers sometime around 2020 holiday period.

The Microsoft Surface Neo is more or less two-in-one PC while offering good user experience, and on the other hand, some other companies like Lenovo have experimented in this respect, with limited success. Microsoft has also made it clear – being transparent about the Neo that the company has a lot of work to do in order to deliver according to the device specification.

At this point, its clear consumers are looking for a PC, possibly a dual-screen that could offer longer battery life, slim with a widescreen, these are likely expectations from Microsoft dual-screen.

Since this device (Surface Neo) is slated to arrive until around 2020 holiday, however, in order to relieve its consumers of unnecessary and untold stories, understanding also that leaks are inevitable, it’s understood the company’s terms of the announcement was no other but a prove and prior notice of the long-rumored device.

Currently, there are other top manufacturers in this field, ASUS has made its own impact – on the basis of a dual-screen PC. Which also include HP, Dell, and Lenovo. While on the other hand, it’s also understood, the tablet category would see Microsoft compete with its own Surface hardware.

A brief demo of the device (Microsoft Surface Neo) proves each screen has its own function, the primary screen is for display while the second has a flip-up keyboard that overlays on top of it, it could be typed on and as well, the magnetic keyboard can slide up and down with other features.

The product screens are both nine inches, while the keyboard can be wirelessly charged and connect via Bluetooth, an impressive feature that will also allow it to be detached from the PC and used separately. At this point, there will be variations in pricing, while factors like the screen size will be given a unique approach. Thus, implementation of this will be determined by consumer’s purchases, the company claims.

The new PC (Microsoft Surface Neo) will potentially run on Windows 10 – precisely Windows 10X which is a tailored version of the operating system equally found on other Surface products. It has also been figured out Windows 10X is structured with the same underlining technologies as standard Windows 10 – pen and mouse enabled. Also, specific changes are expected for the new device. However, Microsoft has also made it clear that a specific version of the operating system will only be found in these products (Neo).

Lastly, what more do we expect from the OS giant other than a flexible device that will practically present consumers with fascinating experience! Though things could change, like the name, as developers are creating customized apps for the device.

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