MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10X, To Run On Dual-Screen Neo!


Microsoft Windows 10X
Dual-Screen OS

The software giant confirmed that Microsoft Windows 10X will potentially run on its dual-screen devices, this came in its event held in New York. Please my apologies, I would’ve notified you of this when I posted about the company’s dual-screen devices. Meanwhile, let’s continue, the company made the announcement in a bid to get it into the hands of developer prior to its device launch.

The company also stressed that Windows 10X isn’t a new operating system but Microsoft work of making Windows 10 a model that will practically take pieces of the operating system precisely when needed. Based on this, the software giant stated that ‘Windows 10X is essentially the continuation of the architecture changes it made to Windows 10 that allowed it to make the Surface Hub, Xbox versions and HoloLens possible.

The operating system in question promises improved pen support, also, the new version will practically run on dual-screen from Dell, Lenovo, HP and not excluding other partners. Though, Windows 10 core technologies are used in HoloLens, Xbox and Surface Hub.

The new operating system proposed to run on dual-screen is considerably more efficient compared with standard Windows coupled with an optimized interface for dual-screens. This does not exclude its enhanced elegant app placement coupled with its touch-friendly of the Start menu.

Meanwhile, there are restrictions as regards having access to the new operating system, users can only have access to Microsoft Windows 10X only on the new dual-screen devices, this means bad news for those willing to buy a separate copy of the device OS. In another dimension, the operating system is also flexible, being that it can allow users to put the Start menu or taskbar on either panel as desired.

The device operating system (Microsoft Windows 10X) also have some smart functionality that is a bit hidden. This is based on the fact that Windows 10X won’t load the subsystem except when it is needed, unlike normal occasions when a regular computer will boot up and at once run all the services necessary to run a Win32 application. This – Microsoft claim will enable it to be very efficient with the resources available on the machine and in turn extend the system’s battery life.

We expect to share the OS experience at the fall of Neo, thank you.

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