NETFLIX BATTLE NEW, Streaming Rivals!


Netflix Battle New
Credit: Netflix

To stand strong and favorite, Netflix battle new streaming companies with its latest Netflix-Samsung partnership. This was made public at last weeks’ Samsung unpacked event, a deal that promises to bring to Samsung Galaxy smartphones exclusive bonus content that is associated with a series of Netflix original presentations.

The partnership between the two giants will potentially pave the way for Netflix’s deeper integration of its streaming service with Samsung devices. To ascertain the standard of their partnership, Samsung users would be allowed to launch Netflix content by way of its voice assistant Bixby as part of Netflix’s advantage and in turn, deliver recommendations to Samsung users. However, it promises a better integration into specific Samsung mobile features, such as Samsung Daily, search and discovery platform.

Netflix in its announcement did not state specifically, movies and original series that will only be available to Samsung users, but as we know, it will practically offer bonus content to the owners of Samsung devices that won’t be found with any of their rivals. This bonus content will include companion stories, behind-the-scenes footage and more.

The tech giant – Samsung – previously announced its partnership with Spotify in 2018, which saw consumers facing features like deep integration of Spotify with the new Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy S20. Therefore, one should expect tight integration and distribution even as Netflix battle new streaming rivals with this deal.

Netflix in a statement promised more bonus content will be available to Samsung users in the future, while at the moment, available bonus shows include “Narcos: Mexico”, “Elite”, “Sintonia” and not excluding “Netflix is a joke”. It’s understood, the two giants have not in the past done any content deal despite their decade-long relationship, which previously saw the duo work together on the basis of joint marketing campaign coupled with other advertising.

According to Netflix CMO ‘Jackie Lee-Joe’, while announcing the company’s plans at Samsung’s event, she said: “The mission of this partnership is to make the Netflix experience on Samsung mobile the absolute best it can be”. Adding that, “this means that even more users can enjoy our best-in-class stories across all genres through even better product integration with Galaxy mobile devices”.

In another dimension, this offering could become an issue of concern to subscribers using other mobile products such as Apple users, being that it could potentially alienate those watching Netflix on other mobile devices and platforms since the deal exclusively back Samsung user. Funny enough, Forbes even referred to the deal as “controversial”.

All Netflix exclusive content has been published on Samsung Daily,, and Samsung’s social channels “for all to enjoy”.

To ascertain the company’s trust, ‘Lee-Joe’ said: “We believe this significant partnership will provide millions of Samsung Mobile users across the globe the best mobile entertainment experience, and make discovering new stories around the world easier than ever”.   

Lastly, Netflix had previously stated that its international subscribers have been on the increase despite growing competition. While in the United States, it’s currently faced with a serious decline, but with this development (Netflix battling new rival), perhaps this will be a good strategy that will potentially place Netflix above its rivals.

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