NEW BOLD OFFER. A Final Try For Theresa May On Brexit!


New bold offer

A ‘new bold offer’ from the British Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ is expected to be presented to the members of the house of common before the parliament vote early June, this came after three (3) times she failed to have the deal approved by the house.

The prime minister ‘Theresa May’ stated in Sunday Times Newspaper, in respect to the ‘new bold offer’, “Whatever the outcome of any vote, I will not be simply asking lawmakers to think again. Instead, I will ask them to look at a new and improved deal with a fresh pair of eyes and to give their support”. However, the date of the vote and the consideration of the lawmakers, and that which is preferred by the majority are yet to be known.

MP: Rory Steward

The International Development Secretary ‘Rory Stewart’, a cabinet member said in an interview on BBC, “the Conservative and Labour positions were close, only about an inch apart”. He equally said, “Three main things that we have been talking to Labour which were the efforts have been, around workers’ rights, and parts of the build-up would be around workers’ rights. The second thing is around the environment”. And the “third thing is the issue of trading with Europe”. Stewart also responded to a question that has to do with the opposition leader, “Jeremy Corbyn wants a second referendum in order to remain in the European Union”.

Meanwhile, the collapse of May’s Conservative party and the opposition party (Labour) talks on Friday could be seen as an indication why ‘Theresa May’ came up with a ‘new bold offer’. May had earlier set out June as a time table of her departure from the office. Currently, Brexit process is seen as the worst British political crisis since World War Two.

In another interview with ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ same Sunday on BBC, he was asked the same question of May’s Conservatives.

The Labour party has been pointed at as a party that backs Brexit or a party that does not back Brexit? We haven’t had a clear message! Jeremy Corbyn said while defending Labour, “Because she fought in the last election just like I did on the manifesto, they said we respect the result of referendum and will seek to negotiate the best deal we could with Europe and be prepared to pull-out with the public and that is exactly what the position is”.

Jeremy Corbyn also spoke concerning May’s ‘new bold offer’ saying, Labour will oppose the bill and it was very difficult to see it progress. The reason is, new proposals as observed ‘very carefully’ was what was talked about previously which did not appear fundamentally different from that already on the table.

Lastly on this, May’s ‘new bold offer’ to the parliaments with “an improve package of measures” as a final move in an attempt to get the Brexit divorce deal through members of the house of common before she leaves meant a lot.

  • Would May’s ‘new bold offer’ make any change on current British politics?

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