NEW BREXIT EXTENSION, EU Leaders Gives UK More Time!


New Brexit extension

New Brexit extension till 31th of October 2019 could be seen as dramatic and political uncertainties of the British government. Based on this, the European Leaders on Thursday granted Britain further extension of her departure from the European Union initially scheduled on the 29th March 2019.

The British Prime minister ‘Theresa May’ earlier in a statement as she defends 31st October deadline said, she regrets and thought the United Kingdom would have left the European Union on the 29th March as schedule initially to leave the Union, however, she said most people are disappointed with the current extension. However, the streets of London are faced with Brexit fatigue as people express their disappointments. The parliaments claim a new Brexit extension was to avoid a terrible outcome. Meanwhile, according to a British analyst, he said most people are sad over United Kingdoms’ political decision to extend Brexit date, because three (3) years ago the people of United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, but the United Kingdom’s politicians are after their own interest and not the interest of the people.

New Brexit extension was made public as the European leaders came to an agreement, but issued a warning not to waste the time given to Britain. Responding to this, the European Council President ‘Donald Tusk’ said “This extension is as flexible as I expected and a little bit shorter than I expected but is still enough to find the best possible solution. Please do not waste this time.”

The opposition leader ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ while responding to Brexit further extension at the house of common as he called on the attention Mr. Speaker by saying, “Mr. Speaker, yesterday the leaders agreed to grant the United Kingdom an article 50 extension till 31th of October. This means that Britain will now have to start the process of holding European Union elections, in an extraordinary situation not knowing whether the new MPs will take their sits for how long. This has come just 3 weeks after the prime minister (Theresa May) told the house she was not prepared to delay Brexit any longer than the 30th of June. The second extension in the space of forth night represents not only a diplomatic failure but is another milestone in the government mishandling of the entire Brexit process.”

“A measure of this could be seen in this house on Monday when one-third of her party voted against her own policy to request a short delay and four of her cabinet abstained. And can the prime minister also confirm that the request by the leader of the house on Tuesday for the European Union to re-open the withdrawal agreement has also been rebuffed! Mr. Speaker, I welcome that the prime minister finally decided to reach out to the opposition last week and open talks try and find a breakthrough. The fact the invitation didn’t even come up at the eleventh hour but at 5 past midnight, three days after the prime minister had missed her own Brexit deadline of 29th of March is a reflection of the government fundamental error not proceeding by consensus.”

More emphasis was laid on a horrible outcome of no-deal Brexit, as some of the conservatives seek to be elected if ‘Theresa May’ leaves her office. However, the opposition leader ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ made it clear that Labour will continue to engage constructively in talks because we respect the result of the referendum and we are committed to defending jobs, industry and living standards by delivering a close economic relationship with European Union and securing frictionless trade with improved lives and standards.

Lastly, ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ said “If the government is serious, the red line must move.”

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