NEW INTERACTIVE ADS, Lets You Play Game & Add Colors!


New Interactive Ads

Facebook’s new interactive ads are the latest pulled by the social media giant ‘Facebook’, according to the announcement, the new ad format will include games, polls and augmented-reality experience. However, the announcement is based on expansion with regards to these areas and is made public ahead of advertising week.

These will enable potential customers, “try on” products that are coming to its news feed. While it’s understood a good number of brands at the moment are experimenting with ad formats that customers can play with expectations that they are a more memorable and exciting experience for customers.

Meanwhile, features associated with the Facebook’s new interactive ads consists of poll ads which is found on ‘Instagram Stories’ and will be moved to the main news feed of Facebook mobile app, the playable ads will be available to all advertisers, and will not be restricted to gaming companies, thirdly, is the augmented reality ads that has been under Facebook test, is also moving into open beta at this launch.

Responding to this development in an even held in New York, ‘Mark D’Arcy’ the chief creative officer and VP of global business marketing said: “shift from this monologue of marketing at people” which meant more of conversation if the viewer so wishes. While in addition with regards to the initial playable ad, have “very literal gaming mechanics, doing brands in a game”, and could bring about “a whole range” of different interactions with time.

The founder and CEO of Facebook ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ had earlier signaled a stronger commitment on Facebook Stories, saying at this time Stories will practically “be bigger” than the platform’s News Feed.

These ads are also designed to let consumers try products by using the camera. Should a consumer try on shades of lipstick in order to see what it will look like on their face! It will be available on Facebook’s mobile feed.

D’Arcy equally acknowledged that the inclusion of these new features isn’t new ideas, adding that in the past, it has been “heavy” experience that actually required a separate microsite. But with the introduction of these at the front-and-center, Facebook is practically making them “super lightweight, fun and super scalable”.

Advertisers willing to experience each of these features packed in Facebook’s new interactive ads will figure out these as more advertisers get to experience them: “In 12 months, we’re going to look at these examples and they will be fundamentally different” he said.

  • Facebook’s new interactive ads launched!