NEW OPEN-SOURCE, Project Built Around Dapr & OAM!


New Open-Source

Report: Two new open-source projects were announced yesterday by the software giant – Microsoft. A portable and event-driven runtime which reduces some of the complexity in building microservices (Dapr), coupled with Open Application model (OAM), a command specification which enables developers to practically define the resources their applications need to run on Kubernetes clusters.

It’s also understood, Kubernetes cluster, developed Alibaba Cloud in cooperation with Microsoft. Meanwhile, the Dapr according to Microsoft is an open-source, portable, event-driven runtime that makes it easy for developers to build resilient, an application that runs on the cloud and edge as microservice stateless and stateful.

While on the other hand, the Open Application Model will potentially solve problems for developers, including the ops team while filling a gap. Responding to this, a source said, “if you take a look at Dapr, it is really going to make microservices, cloud-native development, accessible to the enterprise”.

In order to enhance the concept of Kubernetes, it was figured out a first-class application was needed. ‘Mark Russinovich’ explained that “If you take a look just at the Kubernetes ecosystem, Kubernetes has no concept of an application, it’s got the concept of deployment and services, but nothing that coherently connects these things together into one unit and deployment lifecycle that a developer would understand in the way they look at their applications. He also stressed that “we need a first-class application concept in a Kubernetes cluster”.  

The CTO of Microsoft Azure ‘M. Russinovich’ also responded to Open Application Model (OAM) as a service that lets a developer channel the specification to the ops team, which the ops team will be able to deploy without contacting the developer. While from its point of view, he stressed that Kubernetes on its own is very complex for enterprise developers. Pointing out that, “At this point, it’s really infrastructure-focused. You want a developer to focus on the app. What we saw when we talked to Kubernetes shops, they don’t let developers near Kubernetes”.

In another dimension, away from Alibaba cloud, Microsoft and Alibaba had different projects they were working on, also in the process encountered the same problems when they contacted their internal teams and customers. Also understood will be brought to the open-source foundation. Though different from the new open-source.

On the other hand, the idea of Dapr is to simplify the whole process for developers to write distributed, microservice-based applications, which is also independent of the language developer write in.  

  • What is your take on the new open-source from Microsoft?