NEW PLEX DESKTOP APP, For Windows And Mac PC’s!


New Plex Desktop App

The new Plex desktop App launched by the media software company promises a lot, which is designed for optimum media experience for Windows and Mac systems. This move made by the company is a step aimed to end its previous and traditional home theater computer setup, and in the process remove previously existing Windows Store application.

The primary objective of the new Plex desktop App emerging from the company is to replace its Plex Media Player, a dimensional change that promises amazing user experience. A decision the company opted for, based on how Plex users use the video streaming App and an approach that would enable users to drift from connecting PC to a home theater or a Television set.

It has not been easy streaming personal media files from a computer to individual’s television, due to fewer resources, but now, Plex’s Apps promises simpler set-up and capable of serving consumers streaming devices, equally support Android players and the new Apple TV. Responding to the company’s new development, Plex stated on its site that:

It marks the end of an era for us, and we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t a little bittersweet”.

In a broader perspective, it is understood the new Plex desktop App is packed with all Plex media capabilities which equally support offline access, in the process a feature that was formally called ‘Sync’ was changed to ‘downloads’. Should you need the download feature! Certainly, a Plex Pass subscription would be required, but the newly developed desktop App is free. However, the company promised it will support offline media, regarding its mobile app in the future.

Should there be any issue of concern! Plex did clarify in its explanation that:

Modern streaming devices don’t need as much care and feeding as desktop computers. They don’t need to sleep (much), they use a tiny amount of electricity and they don’t require nearly as much effort to get up and running. They have remotes that work wonderfully out of the box (no more fiddly custom key mappings!) In short, they are designed for the environment in which you are using them, and it shows”.   

Meanwhile, the company stated it will allow the previous Plex Media player while updating it until January 2020 in order to allow users to move from its old version to the new desktop App. Plex has been successful, but is yet to disclose the figure of subscribers on its paid plan, but have only merged paid and free users. However, the figures declared by Plex indicate great achievement from 15 million to 20 million, which meant millions of subscribers.

It’s equally understood, recent changes made by the company have led to the shutting down of some features ranging from ‘shutter Plugins’ to its Plex Cloud.

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