NEW PRIME MINISTER, Campaign Emerges!


New Prime Minister

The campaign process of a new Prime Minister began after the outgoing Prime minister ‘Theresa May’ announced her resignation and departure date, being 7th June 2019. It is understood, the field of Tory leadership is growing.

In the meantime, the former Foreign Secretary ‘Boris Johnson’ could face charges in a magistrates’ court surprisingly in the middle of the Conservative leadership contest after a judge gave the go-ahead to a private prosecution against him, he did appear in the Magistrate court but referred the case to the crown court. An indication, Boris Johnson could be in the middle of the battle of Number 10 or an occupant.

Boris Johnson legal team fought to prevent it, however, the former Foreign Secretary will now face a court appearance to answer accusations of misconduct in public office. The allege defense line when he said throughout the referendum campaign, the United Kingdom gave the European Union three hundred and fifty million pounds (£350,000,000) a week.

The allegation of misconduct in public office was brought by a campaigner, based on claims that he lied to the public during the European Union referendum campaign. While the allies of the former foreign secretary said the case is “politically motivated” and an “abuse of process”.    

Tory leadership candidate ‘Rory Stewart has vowed to double spending on climate change and the environment, based on this he did warn the United Kingdom must do more in the face of what he called an “environmental cataclysm”. Speaking on a Sky News, the International Development Secretary warned a million species could be lost and a hundred million more people could be plunged into poverty unless something is done.

Reports from the Labour Party shows’ an overwhelming majority of Labour Party needs online ballot outcome as a determinant on a second Brexit referendum according to the deputy leader ‘Tom Watson’.

As the Tory party set to pick a new leader and Prime minister by late July, the leader of the opposition party ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ is understood to be under pressure to act quickly in order to offer a clear alternative to a no-deal Brexit. Meanwhile, the campaign for a new Prime minister among the Conservative contenders is likely the opposite of the call for a general election to break Parliaments deadlock.

Tom Watson tweeted based on massive responds’ of the result, “The results of my Brexit poll are clear.  84% of Labour members and supporters who took the survey want an all-member ballot to decide our party’s Brexit policy. As deputy leader, I’ll support them to make this happen”.

This indicates, “Labour is rightly calling for a general election. But we cannot go into an election with our current Brexit position”. We need an urgent change of direction, he added.

The candidates campaigning for the position of new Prime minister as saying, vote for me and I guarantee you we will come out of the European Union October 31st, 2019.

  • Are the conservatives and candidates under pressure of new Prime minister?

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