Newly developed weapon

A CNN report from Seoul on Friday states that a newly developed weapon by North Korea was tested, while the weapon is said to be classified as ‘ultramodern’ weapon, supervised by the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, according to state media.

This is seen as a result of faltering nuclear discernment negotiation with the United States. Despite the agreement reached between the two countries, the North Korea suspension of its nuclear program and destruction of some of its facilities, but the United States seems not helping with their negotiations.

According to reports based on the newly developed weapon by DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), the test indicates that Pyongyang is practically prepared to return in a more militarized relationship with the United States based on poor negotiations. Meanwhile, there are no clarifications on the weapon, whether it was developed recently or not.

This shows that Pyongyang is eager to be more aggressive with the United States, and from all indications, he is not going to give way, but rather return to his old practices if the United States does not change their approach, Josh Pollack reported.

The test announcement came on Friday through North Korea’s state news agency KCNA, while on the other hand, the detail location of the event was not provided with little information of the weapon as “tactical”. Based on reports, the military hardware had been commissioned by Kim’s father and Kim Jong I1.

A source from South Korea explained that the military hardware was not viewed as a provocation, but described it as “a tactical weapon test”. While a detail military knowledge to CNN explained it is likely a piece of long-range artillery, and seen as multiple rocket launchers.

The deteriorating relationship between the two countries, coupled with recent announcement on Thursday by United States Vice president Mike Pence that the United States was backing down on a requirement for North Korea provision of the full list of her nuclear and missile sites prior to a second meeting between Kim and Donald Trump could have led to this.

The inspection of the newly developed weapon marks the first time Kim publicly attended a military-focused event, after his high profile meetings previously held with South Korean President Moon Jae-in and United States President Donald Trump early this year. Things haven’t turned out as expected, despite huge hopes from the summits, a breakthrough from these meetings, yet little progress has been made in recent months.

This could be a clear message from Pyongyang to the United States, if progress is not made soon, a more hostile relationship could be back on the table.

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