NEXT APPLE WATCH, May Feature Touch ID!


Next Apple Watch

Apple patent revealed plans that the next Apple Watch could practically feature Touch ID on its screen and antennas precisely for its Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and not excluding 4G in its straps. According to reports, this was proposed by the newly published Apple patent as a potential change to the leading smartwatch.

It has also been confirmed that Apple Watch is practically secured with a PIN which wearers tap in order to gain access to the display. And to make countless transactions with the aid of Apple Pay, and is effected as long as the Watch stays attached (while sensing your heartbeat) it will automatically unlock your mac in the process of making those payments.

Entering the PIN takes a moment coupled with the watch fairly small display, resulting to delay and with this, it is quicker when using Touch ID than entering the PIN on a mac or Face ID, either on the iPad Pro or iPhone.

In a bid to fix this, Apple plans to introduce Touch ID in its next-generation (the next Apple Watch) wearable. While in addition to this is to pull the fingerprint reader sitting on top of a button, as it is deployed on the entry-level iPad, this time, it will be located beneath the display section.

A notification (patent) that was made public on the 7th November, which was initially spotted by Patently Apple, stipulated how the watch display would likely “provide an input surface for one or more input devices such as a touch sensing device, temperature sensing device, force-sensing device, and/ or a fingerprint sensor”.

This indicates that Apple is currently making progress on under-display fingerprint reader technology similar to that already deployed on smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10. And for a while now, it’s been rumored that Touch ID under the display could practically join Face ID precisely on a future iPhone.

We understood the Touch ID is an electronic fingerprint recognition feature which was designed and released by Apple Inc. However, this biometric fingerprint authentication technology lets you use your finger to unlock your Mac and make purchases with Apple Pay, Apple Store, iTunes Store, and Apple Book.  More so, the Touch ID technology could be deployed to make payment in any of your favorite sites, by using Apple Pay.

Thus, there are reasons for the patent aim of relocating some Watch components, that could potentially free up space inside the case for battery expansion, and the introduction of new components, or other reasons. Though this move is practically a good one, however, one is left to wonder how durable the antennas could be shaped for a constant flexing of a watch coupled with the issue of the third-party watch straps.

  • What’s your take on the next Apple Watch Touch ID feature?

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