NINTENDO REMAKES, It’s First Portable Gaming System!


Nintendo Remakes
Image Credit: Nintendo

A huge surprise emerges as Nintendo remakes its first iconic game of its Super Mario family. However, as part of the Nintendo’s 35th-anniversary celebration of Super Mario Bros, a game that was first released back in 1985 will be having a modernized version, yet with something, fans should worry about. The video below will tell you why!

First offal, what was actually the first portable game system Nintendo ever made! If your guess is ‘Game Boy’ …great, preferably a collection of handheld ‘Game & Watch’. Nintendo in this week announced that the Game & Watch will be making a modernized, yet with a limited edition. A game which is fully Mario themed that is, of course, appropriately called “Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros”.

Looking at the original game parked in Game & Watch, it appears the current one would likely be limited considering the number of different titles it can play. While on the other hand, fans could possibly crack this open and have the latest running, if one would consider what has happened with quite a number of previous devices such as this. On the official product page, the subject game (Nintendo) made mention of “Super Mario Bros.” “Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels” (or simply “Super Mario Bros. 2, the name it’s been identified with in Japan) coupled with a Mario-skinned remake of “Ball”, actually its first Game & Watch that was released specifically back in April 1980. This implies three games in all.


Nintendo remaking this game is pretty simple, owing to the fact that a lot has changed within the space of 40 years, so the idea of sneaking in a couple of upgrades into its Game & Watch which we know what it’s like today. Meanwhile, here are a couple of changes that have been effected to the original black and white you’re used to, now it’s full-color LCD and the battery capacity which Nintendo claim should last about eight hours for a single charge can now be charged with the aid of USB-C, rather than previously used battery cells.

Also to note here is another feature that could earn a permanent place on a good number of users’ desks – and that is the little portable clock (equally the “& Watch” part of its name) which pulls up when you’re not playing one of the included games, and that is if Nintendo did great work on the clock feature. In all is 35 different Mario-themed scenes.

The company is yet to disclose the number of this it will be making, with pre-order details “coming soon”, it isn’t getting more specific than that. Nintendo promised it will ship on November 13th with an MSRP of $50, but if you’re worried about getting one of these, you will certainly be looking out for more details.

What is your take on Nintendo remaking its first ever game!