Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date And What Next Console Will Bring


Nintendo Switch 2 Release

Honestly, I’m surprised as you are that we’re halfway through 2023 and the long-known Nintendo still hasn’t officially announced a successor to the now 7-year-old Nintendo Switch. However, there has been plenty of rumor and speculation around the successor to a console that has sold over 125 million units, which based on rumor, Nintendo Switch 2 as the next release hardware is likely realistic.

Although for years talk of a Switch Pro has been making the rounds, a mid-generation update to the console, unless the subject company intends to keep the Switch until 2030 I think we are now past that point. Based on the developing story the next Nintendo hardware release will be a Switch 2 or maybe something totally different.

While the debate over the Switch 2 seems to be the most hotly debated question by two camps: a number of which believe we could see a 2023 release, while others are more convinced by 2024.

In view of the debate, it was noted that among those arguing the case for a 2023 launch include the UK government Competition and Market Authority understood to have referred to an unnamed Nintendo device in reference to Microsoft’s proposed takeover of Activision Blizzard. On the other hand, other sources point to Nintendo’s comparative silence on its Christmas release window as a sign it is readying a new hardware console. However, the situation appears as though 2023 may pass us by without a new console.

Judging by the pace at which the company is going about the release of a new console supposedly the Nintendo Switch 2 is seemingly unlikely to make its fall this 2023, while the evidence for 2024 appears to be stronger, considering the fact that we have heard so little from Nintendo itself about the Switch 2. A report claims that Nintendo President ‘Shuntaro Furukawa’ is yet to consider any new or upgraded hardware in financial reports until at least April 2024 – and with The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom enjoying an excellent launch with Pikmin 4 on the 21st of July coupled with Mario Wonder coming in October – it would be a strange time to kill the Switch’s momentum.

In view of this, a 2023 launch looks more unlikely after June 2023’s Nintendo Direct. Oodles of games which include a new 2D Mario game (Super Mario Bros. Wonder) were announced, however, there was absolutely no talk of new hardware. With a number of games featured not coming until late 2023, it would rather be an act of self-sabotage to release new hardware before the new games.

As Nintendo doubles down on its effort, it’s fair to say that the subject company has committed to avoiding any stock shortages of its next console which it hopes will also stop scalpers and prevent the scarcity witnessed of the likes of the PS5.

Looking at the design characteristics, the Switch is believed to be well behind the Xbox Series X and PS5, and a significant processing power boost needs to make its way to the Switch 2. For a very long period, Switch ports of third-party games have been a poor relation. Equally, there are reports suggesting the Switch’s successor will be equivalent to a PS4 in power, which is wrongly behind the times.

If you have plans for backward compatibility? There is really no word on that yet, but the company has hinted that one will be able to make use of his or her Switch account on the Switch 2. Noting that the company has an outstanding record in the past for backward compatibility with the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS all having it in some form.

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