NO-DEAL BREXIT, Could Be UK’S Potential Outcome!


NO-DEAL Brexit

The UK leaving the EU with a deal or no-deal Brexit has been top of the new UK’s government agenda. The new Prime minister ‘Boris Johnson’ immediately after his election promised to negotiate a better deal with the European Union, and in the process deliver Brexit 30 October, come what may.

In an address in the House of Commons, ‘Boris Johnson’ pledge to ditch the Irish backstop which he called “undemocratic” and in the same manner guaranteed the rights of the European nationals living in the United Kingdom, also in the process promised post-Brexit would place the UK as the “greatest and most prosperous economy in Europe” by 2050.

Yesterday, while Mr. Johnson was interviewed, he was asked about Michael Gove’s assumption that the government is working on no-deal Brexit with the European Union, and if that was his assumption? Answering, He said:

Well, absolutely not my assumption is, we can get a new deal, we are aiming for a new deal, and of course ‘Michael’ is absolutely right that is responsible for any government to prepare for a no-deal, if we absolutely have to. Next is the message I have gotten across to our European friends, and I am very confident that we will get there”.

And when asked how he was trying to get a deal, if he is trying to meet the European Union leaders, individually or trying to go to Brussels? He said:

My proposal is to go in, not for the UK to be looked for or hanging back, I want to engage, to hold upper hand.

What we want to do is to make it absolutely clear the backstop is not good, is dead, the withdrawal agreement is dead”.

In the process, Mr. Johnson was further asked, do you have proposals for a new deal! That you will take to Brussels? Responding to this, he said:

We will, yes I have, I will make it clear to our friends, and we are talking to our friends to the Irish today, the limits on what we want to do and whatever is confident with goodwill on both sides, two mature political entities, the United Kingdom and the European Union can get this thing done”.

But, it’s understood, the European Union was quick to reject the United Kingdom’s new conditions, which saw great refusal from the European Union chief negotiator ‘Michal Barnier’, describing the demand of ‘Boris Johnson’s’ removal of the backstop as “unacceptable”, while the European commission president ‘Jean-Claude Juncker’ insisting the proposal must be compatible with the withdrawal agreement.

Meanwhile, Ireland and France expressed serious concern, with the French European affairs secretary ‘Amelie de Montchalin’ insisting that the current withdrawal agreement was the only option for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union “in an orderly fashion”, while on the other hand, the Ireland deputy prime minister ‘Simon Coveney’ saw Mr. Johnson’s approach as placing the United Kingdom “on a collision course with the European Union”.

In another dimension, Boris Johnson has insisted he would not have face-to-face talks with the European Union until the issue of the backstop is dropped by the leaders, and was explained in a phone call with the German Chancellor ‘Angela Merkel’ as “the only solution”.

  • Will the United Kingdom leave the EU on the basis of deal or no-deal Brexit as it stands?

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