North Shift's Production

The smart glass company North shift’s production of its current smart glasses to focal 2.0, a move from (North) the smart glassmaker to end the production of its first-generation Focal glasses, which was introduced to the market the previous year. Based on this development, North announced that it will practically shift its attention to Focal 2.0 production, a generation-next of its product that will be accessible next year, and the video below will tell you how.

Prior to the CEO and founder responds, it’s understood North began the sale of its Focals smart glasses in its showrooms the company opened initially in Brooklyn and Toronto based on reports. These also gave rise to other showrooms located in North America, which provides an individual try-on and fittings for smart glasses, but should be tailed to fit single users in a bid to display content from their supported applications.

As we know Focals are North’s first product after moving from developing smart gesture control hardware to smart glasses with a built-in heads-up display coupled with smartphone connectivity, emerging from the company’s rebranding from Thalmic Labs.

As North shift’s production to Focal 2.0, the company’s founder and CEO ‘Stephen Lake’ made it clear while explaining that its actually more important to build the next major shift in computing platform before addressing interface devices – moving from its Myo gesture armband. However, Lake made it clear in a press release while announcing the new generation device that, Focals 2.0 will be “at a completely different level” specifically as “the most advanced smart glasses ever made”.

While on the other hand, the company didn’t speak in respect of how the first-ever will be improved, but only clarified that North has specifically made Focals 2.0 version lighter and “sleeker”, structured to offer a much sharper, “10 times improved” built-in display.

Amazingly, Focals have the looks that have been popularized by ‘Warby Parker’ coupled with other standard glassmakers which has this thick acrylic plastic frames – although a little bit thicker than average arms on each side where the computing components, battery, and projection are housed.

In addition to the company’s product feature, North recently added a showroom application for iOS devices, which includes custom sizing enabled via most recent iPhone front-facing depth-sensing camera hardware. While in another dimension, North is yet to publicize any sales figure right from its very first Focals product. Although, Focals users witnessed some changes in the glass price, which saw the price reduced by $299 without a subscription.

As North shift’s production to more standard glasses, its understood efforts are been made to curb the issue of fuzzy image peculiar with its first-generation product – produced by the built-in projection that requires specific calibration in order to maintain focus. However, Focals 2.0 promises more.

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