OBASEKI IMPEACHMENT, Denied By The Members-Elect!


Obaseki Impeachment
Mr. Godwin Obaseki

Members-elect (lawmakers) deny Obaseki impeachment, however, this came as a result of an alleged impeachment notice on Edo State Governor ‘Godwin Obaseki’ that has been on the social media for a while now.

Reports from the lawmakers issued from the federal capital territory ‘Abuja’, stipulate the level of the document authenticity, adding is fake and a calculated attempt in order to justify themselves as those on the path of truth. Based on this, they made it clear that their stands are based on proper inauguration of the Assembly, while in adding they said they are ready to work with the new Speaker that would emerge on a clean slate. Reacting to the story (lawmakers deny Obaseki impeachment), they stated:

“We the elected members of Edo state House of Assembly, EDHA, that has been away from our state, as a result of harassment and intimidation we faced for rejecting impunity and standing for the truth, hereby wish to inform the people of Edo state and the general public that, the impeachment notice on the governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, currently been circulated on the social media, is not from us. The document is fake, insipid, treacherous, and a clear calculated attempt to smear our names for standing on the path of truth”.

“In the first place, members of the public would have noticed that two of the names mentioned in the fake document, Chief Sunday Ojiezele, and Hon Nosayaba Okunbur are with the Governor in Benin” they added.

In the same manner, they stated: “In fact, Hon Nosayaba Okunbor has done a public disclaimer to that effect. It is also clear that members-elect cannot impeach a governor, while the questionable aspect of the document, is the fact that, it was typed on an All Progressive Congress, APC, letterhead, but the cheap criminal(s) cleverly made the heading invisible”.

To justify themselves over the rumor (lawmakers deny Obaseki impeachment notice), they added, “Again, we want to make it abundantly clear that, our condemnation of the nocturnal kangaroo inauguration that was carried out in Edo state house of Assembly, that all lovers of democracy, the world over has also joined us to condemn, is due to the fact that, we only want the proper, and right thing done, and any speaker that eventually emerge from a transparent inauguration, will work harmoniously with the governor of the state”.

“We are not surprised at the appearance of a fake document on social media, as those behind the nocturnal, shameful and kangaroo inauguration, are capable of doing anything to give us a bad name so as to whip up the public sentiment to support their infamous actions”. They concluded.

  • Was it just rumored or lawmakers deny Obasike impeachment notice to save their neck?

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