Pandora New Integration

Pandora new integration is the latest update from the company, which claims an integrating interface between Instagram and Pandora has been established, that allows its users to share their favorite podcasts and music to their Instagram story.

This comes a day after Spotify introduced sharing to Facebook Stories, while on the other hand, it’s understood Spotify had previously launched a similar integration service with Instagram.

In order to do this, you would have to access the feature by tapping the ‘share’ button from already playing app interface, proceed by selecting ‘Instagram Stories’ as your file destination. The output of your file could further be decorated with sticker or text, but prior to this, a cover card for podcast or music would be generated as an initial file on your Instagram Story, however, you can decide to deploy options that are available, like send to a group chat or a friend other than including your entire followers.

The visual experience when an individual click the ‘Play on Pandora’ button via Instagram story is one of the properties of Pandora new integration to look out for – understood differs from Spotify when the story is viewed.

Access to such content is available for virtually all subscribers and not restricted to only Premium account owners, and also extends to a short ad, access to both free sessions coupled with share content, on-demand music and unlimited. In order to access this as a free subscriber, you could possibly do this via Pandora’s Premium Access ad solution, in the process users are granted free, on-demand sessions precisely for viewing video ad sense.

This development has resulted in serious competition between Pandora and Spotify since this feature can be deployed to promote podcasts. However, it’s already anticipated that Pandora’s new integration feature would eventually become a luring interface for subscribers after their free trial – while in another dimension, help artists to promote their music, engage fans with their friends and in turn convert users to those on the paid plan.

While at the moment, Pandora sharing integration with Instagram is only available for selected users and will increase in the coming weeks, and would support sharing albums, songs, podcasts, and playlists.

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