PARLIAMENT VOTE, Won By May As Brexit Debate Heats-up!


Parliament vote

The British Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ on the 16th of January won parliament vote of no confidence that she lost the previous night by the British house of common.

Parliament election was rescheduled by the Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ December last year to take effect on the 17th of January 2019. This initially resulted to a five (5) days debate by the house of common. But the leader of the opposition party Jeremy Corbyn aired his opinion.

Responding to the initial vote held before last night, the results were thus.

The YES – two hundred and two votes (202)

The NO – four hundred and thirty two votes (432)

Based on this, there was mix reaction from the parliaments, and reacting to this ‘Theresa May’ asked firstly, “if this government still enjoys confidence, perhaps, I believe it does” and secondly while responding to the result said “the motion will be debated tomorrow”.

The leader of the opposition ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ responding to that night result thanked the speaker and declared that “the result of tonight defeat is the greatest for a government since the year 1920’s in this house and calls it a catastrophic defeat for this government”. And equally added “after two years of failed negotiations, the house of common has delivered his verdict on her Brexit deal and that verdict is absolutely decisive, she cannot after two years of failure, she (Theresa May) is capable of negotiating a good deal for the people of this country”. The government has lost its confidence of this house in this country.

Finally on that night result, ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ therefore urged Mr. Speaker on the round table saying, “I involve you, I have now tabled a motion of confidence and please-please he repeated, that this motion will be debated tomorrow so that this house can give its verdict on share incompetence of this government and the motion of no-confidence”.

The Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ gave a speech on the eve she won parliament vote, and the result were as followed.

The RIGHT is YES – 324 votes

The LEFT is NO – 306 votes

According to ‘Theresa May’ as quoted “this evening we have no just won the confidence of common, it now gives us the opportunity of finding a way forward on Brexit , I understand. The event of the past twenty four (24) hours could have been unsettling, overwhelmingly the British people want us to get the delivery of Brexit and also address other issues they care about. I believe it is mine duty to deliver on the British people’s instruction to leave European Union and I intend to do so.

I call on all parties to come together and put self interest aside, which calls for a meeting between the senior government representatives including myself”.

Adding to this, she said “she is disappointed that the leader of the labour party has not so far chosen to take part, but our doors remains open”, which is for the interest of our country.

Meanwhile, “I do not take this responsibility likely. My government will continue its work to increase our prosperity, guarantee us security and strengthen our union. And yes, we will so walk on the promise we have made to the people of this country to deliver on the result referendum and leave European Union.

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