PARTY MEMBERS, Final Votes Scheduled At 5:00 PM!


Party Members

The Conservative Party members are to cast their final votes later today, in a bid to conclude the electoral process of a new prime minister. The frontrunner ‘Boris Johnson’ is expected to replace the outgoing prime minister ‘Theresa May’ who is expected to deliver Brexit.

Judging with the Party members’ response, it is expected of Boris Johnson to be confirmed the winner of the contest, who would be charged with delivering Brexit. The voting window will be shut at 5 p.m. today, which comes after several weeks of the contest between the Foreign Secretary ‘Jeremy Hunt’ and ‘Boris Johnson’, with emerging results from the grassroots party members.

It’s also understood the result of the election will not be announced today, but tomorrow Tuesday, and after which the winner will immediately take the office of the prime minister. In the process, Theresa May’s cabinet will be reshuffled or ask to leave, with the new prime minister appointing his allies. However, cabinet members that had not opposed Mr. Johnson’s plans or that would not counter his no-deal Brexit in the next couple of days could be presented with a golden opportunity.

In another dimension, one final act as prime minister was chaired by ‘Theresa May’, in a meeting held on Monday, Britain’s COBRA emergencies committee. The Downing Street spokeswoman said ahead of the gathering:

 “As well as receiving the latest updates from ministers and officials, the COBRA meeting will discuss the maintenance of the security of shipping in the Persian Gulf”.

It’s equally understood, some Conservatives and Theresa May’s cabinet, including Hammond, said they ready to bring down their own government rather than leave the European Union on the basis of no-deal agreement. This shows some level of opposition not just from the Labour, but among the party members. Mr. Hammond has also said before now, that he will resign prior to been moved on in a reshuffle, adding that,

I cannot accept the idea of leaving with no deal on October 31”.

While in like manner, Justice Secretary ‘David GauKe’ on Sunday made it clear he will quit if Mr. Johnson eventually becomes prime minister. The same day, reports have it that up to six Europhile Conservative MPs were also considering defecting to the centrist.

After the whole Tory leadership drama, Coffee House will be keeping track of the ministerial resignation precisely this week.

  • What are party members’ positions as the arm of the clock move to 5 p.m.?

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