PAX JUST LAUNCHED, PC App To Bypass Apple Vaping!


Pax just launched

The cannabis vaporizer company Pax just launched its PC app in a bid to bypassed Apple vaping ban. This announcement was made public yesterday, although the subject company had previously launched Android and iPhone app with similar features, which in the process, Apple stripped iPhone users of the app’s features and information, however, the latest from Pax is designed to offer access to devise controls, safety features and cannabis strain information.

Meanwhile, the motivation behind this new PC app is also viewed as a replacement for Apple’s previous removal, but “built-in response to Apple’s removal of vaporization-related apps from the App Store”, according to a press release. Adding that the PC app has been under design for a while, based on this, it’s also understood the company has been working towards the solution after Apple had removed Pax vaping apps late 2019.

Responding to this development, the SVP of Product at Pax Labs made it clear that, “we’re thrilled to be able to restore functionality to Apple users, adding that, “while we build our devices to work beautifully even without the app, the magic truly happens when you have precision control over things like temperature and dose, not to mention the confidence that comes with this level of information and transparency around what’s in the pod. Because so many of our features are developed through the lens of delivering a predictable, high-quality experience, it was really important to us that all of our customers access them – regardless of whether they use iPhones or Androids”.

The new app that Pax just launched is also a reflection of moves other similar companies have made previously, like the vaping device maker Canopy Growth Corp.’s Storz & Bickel which launched its web app in a bid to bypass Apple’s ban, however, the solution of later compelled users to use a specific mobile browser as a result of Bluetooth. And after going through those processes, the web app restores the features of Storz & Bickel vaporizer for Apple users with users braced with rich features and functionality.

Although the new Pax PC app is tied to the desktop computer but has the same functionality of the smartphone app coupled with the fact that it can’t function on a smartphone. With this development, its evident user won’t find it funny or easy when it comes to the control of the vapes while there are away from their PCs.

Lastly, note that Pax’s new PC app requires the functionality of Pax Era Pro for Windows, while users of macOS would require the functionality of Chrome and this will only take effect after series of setup steps.

What is your take with the company’s latest (Pax just launched) PC app?