PHONE SNATCHING, A Daily Concern – Snapping Lives!


Phone snatching

We’re all aware of the fact that phone snatching isn’t just an urban concern but has recently become a routine occurrence across economic and residential areas, precisely volatile areas. However, contrasting reports on a daily basis ensured the bothering activity hasn’t been clear irrespective of checks and measures put in place to curb its scourge. Owing to the fact that there has been a number of reports regarding the subject in the press release, yet, the situation has not drifted from its ugly scenario even as those involved ensure it remains their source of livelihood.

But adrift from previous enforcement rules has ensured those involved in snatching mobile phones have their fair share behind bars. While oddly enough, it may sound strange for many to know that in recent times, those who perpetrate this act have devised diverse ways and strategies aimed at bullying and rendering their victims helpless. While at the moment, it didn’t just end there, and to ensure the story isn’t ending anytime soon, rather, the act has been extended to snatching of handbags, a sign that it’s not limited to the subject.

Going forward, we also know the inflation rate hasn’t in any way helped to address the immediate societal challenges. This act as we know is currently a global concern, an act that has proven to pose a serious challenge for the law enforcement personnel precisely the police. However, this is due to the complexity of the approach deployed by these sets of people.  

The police can’t protect consumers. People need to be more aware and educated about identity theft. You need to be a little bit wiser, a little bit smarter and there’s nothing wrong with being skeptical. We live in a time when if you make it easy for someone to steal from you, someone will”. – Frank Abagnale

Moreover, the whole story would have been fair if victims aren’t faced with the ugly outcome. For instance, a couple of victims who had their mobile phone on their car dashboard and armrest made it clear that it’s often a terrible experience when these sets of bad eggs engage in a gridlock, owing to the fact that they often bear arms in the process. Yet, the experience of those robbed during peak periods, often at the point while struggling to board a taxi hasn’t been memorable other than heartbreaking. Howbeit, in order to avoid a situation that could see someone running in with a sledgehammer, I’ve decided to wrap this submit with my experience. 

The whole drama could’ve been averted if one had reasoned in that trajectory. But has anyone had such an experience? Maybe. In my case, it happened after I had close from work, having left the office I walked down to the bus stop in order to board a taxi. Noting the timing I tried to do every other thing snappy, however, to ensure one was able to beat the traffic irrespective of the fare. With that in mind, quickly, I boarded a commercial bus, and while in the process I sat between two men who appeared responsible, with that I cared less. Funny enough, I figured out that I was actually the youngest on board that vehicle which I guess made me feel less suspicious of any ugly outcome.

Eventually, after a huge gridlock we got to Mile-2 bus stop where I alighted from the bus, and at that point – suddenly I became conscious of my phone and quickly reached out to my pocket. Goodness! Where is my phone! Got back into the bus to find out if it did slip out of my pocket, or if it’s lying where I sat. At that point, it all appeared as if one was dreaming, yet I knew it’s impossible to be awake and dream.

Unfortunately, it all became complicated when I noticed the man who actually sat next to me had left. So I thought it will be right to call the line, and in the process gave the phone number to one of them whom I knew sat close. Though my intent was to figure out if the line is reachable, or track the location of the phone if it will ring out. But on a sad note, the mobile response after the line was dialed prove I wasn’t dreaming, yet we tried it again, and this time, it proved the first response actually confirmed the story. Having confirmed that, quickly my mind drifted to my bank details and other vital information stored on the phone.

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