POLICE ASSAULT, Unfair Response That Puts You In!


Police Assault

In recent time a number of factors have led to ‘police assault’ which have seen its increase in every passing year. And based on growing concern, the subject act has been traced to the volatility of our immediate society that has evolved due to unfair systematic process which has gained a lot of momentum, yet this act has been carried out by offenders who are often and if not in all cases considered physically and mentally superior to these victims.

Currently, they are concerns with regards to the rate at which our subject focus has suddenly become a global concern, despite efforts to have this address, yet conditions of its occurrence have ensured offenders did not restrain from doubling down in this trajectory. However, could there have been a way to curb this scourge, the vulnerable to issues of abuse and bully could as well prevent an unexpected outcome from gathering momentum.

When we lose our composure because we feel bullied, it could result in a number of issues, and when it comes to law enforcement personnel – a high degree of tolerance will go a long way in helping issues even when one is totally pissed.

“Be an active bystander because sooner or later you or someone you love could be a victim too.”― Shahla Khan,

Meanwhile, in a situation of public unrest and if there evolve protests geared towards addressing the growing concern, one could in the process be embarrassed, humiliated, and restrained due to societal status. But a step towards police assault would in no doubt be viewed as another matter, hence, an entirely different atmosphere.  

When someone harasses me, I take a look at the situation and ask the question: What motivated them? When I get the answer I report it to the police.”― Stevenmagee

“It is not your job to understand. Sick people do sick things. You do not understand the mind of an abuser, because you are not sick like one.”― Hannah V. Sawyerr

Now, let’s put things down nicely – an assault against personnel is totally an issue of another matter precisely an attack against a police officer. Therefore, to ensure we avoid an ugly situation of being thrown into jail due to assault aimed at personnel, a number of potential outcomes should be weighed. 

Sadly enough, police in developed countries having been exempted from this incident, and this has been traced to unfair practices viewed as a process that has gained a lot of momentum and also as a result of maltreatment that often emanates from police officers. Hence, a good number of persons have ensured they remain resilient with their views while doubling down in this course. However, as part of our culture, we will wrap this context with a case.


Vic in this context got himself in a mess regarding the subject concern while on transit having violated the traffic law regulation, and was ordered by the police to pull over, instead, he exploded towards the police officer in an un-kept attitude due to his unaddressed attitudinal temperamental issues, yet a learned man.

Based on his level of exposure he assumed the police officers infringe on his right but couldn’t restrain from sending back the park to them, while in the process he lost his composure and things got really terrible. However, the outcome of the whole drama led to a serious fracas, and a police officer was insulted in the process, this eventually led to a fight which resulted in his arrest.

Eventually, Vic was eventually charged and sentenced to six months imprisonment by the law court, on the basis of police assault.

  • What’s your take on this – police assault?

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