POLITICAL CRISIS, As Nicolas Maduro Lashes Trump!


Political crisis

Venezuela in recent time has been faced with political crisis, which has resulted in several street protests from both sides (the ruling and opposition). Based on this development, the Venezuelan President ‘Nicolas Maduro’ has made it clear via the media and has been seen on the streets of Caracas insisting that he is the President and remains the President of Venezuela. While on the other hand, the opposition leader ‘Juan Guaido’ who has been declared interim president by Venezuelan national assembly, however, comes after a call from the United States.

The effect of political crisis in Venezuela has led to series of sanctions over the years, while analyst says due to sanctions, revenue from oil which is the major source of Venezuela income has made ‘Nicolas Maduro’s’ government difficult. However, sanctions have imposed severe hardship on Venezuelans, while new sanctions from European Union and the United States have made things worse, with this, Venezuelans has been faced with hardship while thousands has fled the country.

The opposition leader ‘Juan Guaido’ had earlier announced date humanitarian aid will enter the country from Brazil and Colombian borders, as he continues to test President ‘Nicolas Maduro’s’ authority, if he would respond while observing what the army will do as well, or if he would give order to the army and perhaps be disobeyed, that might end ‘Nicolas Maduro’s’ authority.

‘Nicolas Maduro’ on his address to Venezuelans based on the country’s political crisis and humanitarian aid, said,  “Nicolas Maduro, (military) commanders, Donald Trump is once again giving orders to the Bolivarian national armed force, who is the commander-in-chief of the Bolivarian national armed force? Donald Trump from Miami? Who is the constitutional commander-in-chief? They believe with their arrogance and their contempt of United States, they believe themselves to be owners of the country and Donald Trump believes in the power to give orders and that the Bolivarian national armed forces will carry out the orders to him, it is an offence to dignity, shame and the Bolivarian armed force as I said to General Padrino, is authorized to respond with all the morality of our national Bolivarian Armed Force, to ‘Donald Trump’, the head of the empire. Today ‘Donald Trump’ was in Miami with a tired rhetoric questioning the right of our free country to adopt the ideas of human Christian socialism, our socialism, just like a Nazy-style speech to prohibit ideologies. ‘Donald Trump’ wants to ban ideologies, political adversity and wants to impose the unique thinking of white supremacists of the white house. On Wednesday, 300 tons of aid and humanitarian assistance from Russia will arrive legally, they arrive at the maiquetia airport converted into high-cost medicines to help the people, that is, we have paid for it with our hand there, with dignity from Russia, from China, From Turkey, from the whole world.

We are not beggars of anyone, we are going to make an honorable Venezuela, a Venezuela of beggars, kneeling unscrupulous. We will not accept it, we won’t, we won’t”

According to reports, the Venezuelan president ‘Nicolas Maduro’ had earlier reached out to Pope Francis, asking for his help to bring about peaceful solution to the crisis in Venezuela. Nicolas Maduro continues to face increased pressure to resign from office two weeks after opposition leader ‘Juan Guaido’ declared himself to be Venezuela interim president. Juan Guaido made the announcement on January 23rd after speaking to United States Vice president ‘Mike Pens’ who often support Trump’s administration.

Russia and Cuba had earlier warned United States to stay away from Venezuela political crisis, adding that it’s just internal problem.

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