Possible Brexit deal

The European Union on Sunday approved the only possible Brexit deal for the United Kingdom, after several meetings with European Leaders. This came after two (2) years of negotiation with the European Union, Britain eventually had their divorce deal approved by the rest of other European countries.

A historic day for Europe as leaders endorsed exit deal with the United Kingdom on Sunday. According to European Commission President, ‘Jean-Claude Juncker’ at yesterday’s European summit “this is the best deal for the United Kingdom and best for Europe”, and equally said “this is the only possible Brexit deal” Juncker declared at the meeting.

After five hundred and eighty-five (585) pages of the document were signed by the other twenty-seven (27) European Countries, it was considered a sad day for European Union as the United Kingdom leaves the bloc. While on the other hand, it is understood ‘British House of Commons’ might vote down withdrawal agreement. Based on this, the European Leaders warned at the summit that rejecting the Brexit deal will get United Kingdom nowhere.

A source said that the Labour Party have made it clear that they will vote against, while ‘Arlene Foster of Labour Party said earlier that the Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking her private interest. Reacting to the development, the Labour Party has vowed to vote down the withdrawal deal. This shows that things are really not clear on this Brexit deal, considered as the only possible Brexit deal that has left most members confused.

United Kingdom voting down might endanger ‘Theresa May’s’ government, as parliament intends to vote on withdrawal agreement in December. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ responding to the outcome of the deal said “it either opens more doors for the future or closes more doors for division”.

It is however understood, there are some pending issues, which have not been resolved. Based on this, the ruling coalition and opposition vow to vote “NO”. The issue of a free-trade agreement is one aspect the United Kingdom is not sure of getting. While elsewhere, some are saying this deal is better than they have had in the past.

Spain maintained the disputed Island with the United Kingdom is totally out of the possible deal.

Finally, after four (4) decades of membership with the European Union, Britain departs the European Union.

  • What is the future of Britain with the only possible Brexit deal from the EU?

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