Prison Condition, Quest For Freedom & Issue Of Concern!

Prison condition

Prison condition in recent times has become an issue of concern, while on the other hand, we will additionally be talking about methods to suppress the rate at which innocent individuals are sent to jails on a routine basis. However, there is an urgent need for an organized process in order to establish free legal assistant to the innocent ones and also those charged with minor offenses, yet incarcerated contrary to the rules of arrangements backed by the legislature. Keep in mind, this has absolutely nothing to do with jail authorities.

My presentation here is based on my observation and communication with prisoners in Kirikiri prison. From my experience, a good number of those in this particular prison, are those with minor crimes, while some are totally innocent (however, most are yet to be heard by the law court) while most of the innocent are from poor homes.

It will certainly be an excellent point for us to analyze the beginning of jails and prisons in Nigeria. History has it that in the eighteen century prior to the British government administration as colonial masters, some regions in Nigeria had their very own legal measures of dealing with deviant offenders of the societal rules and regulations. Some of these traditional institutions are, the Ewedo of Benin, the Ogboni of Yoruba and also so on throughout the ethnic society that make-up the nation.

In Nigeria as an example, there were institutions established, which served as jails prior to British colonization, such as the Ewedo of Edo, Ogboni of Yoruba as well as several others in the pre-colonial Nigeria“– Aboki 2007.

Credit rating: Ndukwe C. (Mrs) Ph.D as well as Nwuzor Chidi Iroko

Offenders charged by these institutions were initially put behind bars and also utilized primarily in road cleansing as their penalty. But when the British government had assumed her administrative obligation in Lagos, in the year 1861, the establishment of an organized prison system was one of the earliest federal government measures of providing justice, which was structured like that of the British. Consequently, broad state prison had been opened to accommodate just 300 detainees and its ordinance came right into force in the year 1876.

In the early 19th century, specifically 1901, prisons were developed in the southern regions of the country. The old Calabar, Asaba, Sapele, Benin and also Degema, were regulated by the authorities division.

Still speaking of my initial prison visit as assured, this took place at Kirikiri medium prison facility on Sunday with a brother, with the aim of attending Holy Mass with the inmates at St. Augustine Catholic Church located within the premises. My observation while looking at the inmates was this defenseless appearance of some of the inmates, particularly helpless ones amongst them was this great desire to be totally free and also take a fresh breath beyond the walls of the prisons, this indicated the horror of the prison condition.

The prison choir sang wonderfully well and they were also great with the use of musical equipment. If you would certainly ask me, I will certainly claim they exercise typically with excellent interest, yet that isn’t the case since prisoners are restricted in their cells. However, after communion Mass, I equally had a conversation with a few of them.

  • What could be the reason behind the prison condition’s sad state?

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