PROCORE BIM, Launches 3D Construction Model On iOS!


Procore BIM

The new Procore BIM is a tool launched by a construction software company ‘Procore’ – a building information model that is designed to take advantage of Apple devices, aimed at providing a 3D construction model on iOS platform. The new tool which was launched recently is aimed at bridging the existing margin between architects and engineers.

Based on this achievement, it is understood the company has been able to establish a motion graphics experience tool that would practically enable site engineers with the aid of a virtual joystick to access building sections in a 3D representation process, and equally allow them to access the cement walls. This 3D model actually corresponds to a virtual model of the 2D floor plans which also run on iOS devices. However, in order to access a corresponding spot on the 3D tool is done by touching a space on the floor.

According to Procore’s senior product manager ‘Dave McCool’ who explained the essence of this breakthrough, said over the years architects and engineers have been running this model (3D) of complex building on laptops and desktop computers, which never got into the hands of structural engineers on that building. This has compelled those responsible for the design of those structures to travel to the site in order to have a clear picture of any arising issues, thereby increasing the cost of the project.

Reports have it that ‘Procore BIM’ has been designed to run on iPhone 7, however, the tool is fully enabled to run on Apple Metal, places developers at an advantage of near-direct access to the central processing unit on these devices. The effective functionality of taping into the CPU enables its performance on high speed which allows a certain level of advanced performance on iOS-enabled devices, based on this, it is recommended to use iPad Pro in order to observe its optimal functionality.

In a situation when things get crowded and need to be done correctly as it is drawn, working with this tool (Procore BIM) makes wiring, plumbing and duct work easy – fixing everything at the right sport. Also, the tool does not necessarily require a high level of technicality in order to operate it, but the 3D drawing could be worked around as one accessing a game. While on the economic side, reduces the number of trips to office in order to figure out issues with the architects and engineers.

Lastly, a spokesperson said the company has moved from its original and former method of approach on-site, but at the moment offer a range of construction software to track labor, safety management information, project, and finance.

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