PROROGUE PARLIAMENT, By Boris Johnson’s Government!


Prorogue Parliament

Brexit: The UK Government has finally ‘prorogue parliament’, which was earlier anticipated by the MPs. This came after the British Prime minister ‘Boris Johnson’ made it clear at the house of commons with regards to the queen’s speech after his government lost the parliament vote for the third time.

Yesterday’s evening parliamentary vote saw ‘Boris Johnson’ lose for the third time, however, the prime minister made it clear while addressing the house, that:

I earlier urge the house to trust the people but once again, the opposition thinks they know better … the British Prime minister to go to a vital negotiation without the power to work away. They want to delay Brexit yet again, yet again without further reference to those who voted for it, handing over to Brussels an extra 250 million pounds a week for no purpose. And after upgrading more than 5 hospitals or trained 5,000 new nurses.

And most outrageous level not only have they refused to choose the way ahead, they have now twice denied the British people their say in an election. The house cannot choose, if not let anyone else chose Mr. Speaker

Adding that,

For drift, and so now, the house will move to adjourn and resume the state opening in the queen’s speech on October 14, and I hope the opposition will use that time to reflect, meanwhile, this Government will press-on with negotiating a deal while preparing to leave without one, and I will go to that crucial summit in Brussels on October 17. And no matter how many devices this parliament invents to tie my hands, I will strive, Mr. Speaker to an agreement in the national interest.

This Government will not delay Brexit any further, we will not allow the infer tic verdict to the referendum to be slowly suffocated by further calculated …

The moment will come when the people will finally get their chance to deliver their verdict, Mr. Speaker on how faithfully has this house executed their wishes and I am determined that they will see that it was this Government that was on their side”.

Responding to Mr. Johnson’s claim and why his Government moved to prorogue parliament, the leader of the opposition party ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ in his speech said, beginning with a compliment:

I think that is quite enough for the playground politics for the Conservative Party this evening. Adding that,

One thing that the Prime Minister didn’t say was that he was going to obey the law of this country. He did not say he acknowledged or accepted three votes that have taken place in this parliament and under his request, the house is now due apparently this evening to prorogue to one of the longest prorogations in history. Simply an order to avoid any questioning of what he is doing or not doing, simply to avoid discussion about yellowhammer … particularly to avoid any discussion about the proposals he has or hasn’t, or do or don’t exist that has been reported to the European Union.

Mr. Speaker this Government is a disgrace and the way the Prime Minister operates is a disgrace.

Mr. Speaker I hope the Prime minister will reflect on the issue of prorogation and shutting down parliament to avoid a government being held to account because that is exactly what he’s done today and proposes to do to this country”.

However, a Scottish representative also said to the house, “I should perhaps congratulate the Prime minister because at least he’s been inconsistent, he has lost every vote he’s brought to this house since he became the prime minister. Perhaps that is the reason Mr. Speaker that he’s trying to shut down democracy this evening. The message that must go to the prime minister is that he runs for the next few weeks but we will be back here in the middle of October. Adding that,

He is the Prime minister of the minority government, and he has been given an instruction to go to Brussels and get an extension. Once that extension has been delivered, we will have an election and burdens will be sweat from the government… the people of Scotland will get their say…Securing our future as an independent Scottish Government”.

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