QUALCOMM LAUNCHES, It’s New Snapdragon Wear!


Qualcomm launches

The chips maker Qualcomm launches its new Snapdragon Wear aimed at enhancing and easing up life into the Android Wear ecosystem. However, this was officially made public a couple of days ago, an announcement that will see Snapdragon Wear 4100 and 4100+ respectively in its wearable platforms that are based on 12nm process technology.

Ordinary, if one is to weigh up things in the Android Wear ecosystem while considering the latest development from the chips giant, it would be figured out that the ambient mode was a little bit down compared with the live mode, however, the latest platform is designed to effect a huge change. The sports mode promised to keep users up to date while on the run, and in use of series of sensors, the GPS and maps.

The subject company has also noted that most smartwatches spent 95% of their time in ambient mode, and this implies an area that requires appreciable improvement.

The current chips promise a lot, and users are expected to observe, firstly, support for an enhanced ambient mode that will, in turn, be able to show more colors in this energy-efficient mode, and in the process support sleep tracking, adaptive brightness coupled with live complications, and this is obtainable if one is to compare the previous generation of wear 3100 chips with the current 4100+ chips Qualcomm launched.

More so, for far swift user experience, it’s also noted that the GPU itself is 2.5 times faster than only that of a generation ago. And looking at the actual technology, it’s understood, the 4100+ platform consists of the main system cortex A53-powered system on a chip that promises 85% higher performance when weighed side-by-side with that of the previous generation with 25% longer battery life offering. Also to note is the high-speed connectivity enabled by a 4G modem, while a tiny co-processor that is always in place handles the heart-rate monitoring, step counting in addition to other factors.

Recently, most Android Wear watches have been designed to let users switch to low-battery mode, meaning good conservation of battery life that lets you see only the time. Based on this, Qualcomm has promised a 25% battery life improvement for connected smartwatches.

Qualcomm also made it clear that the “enhanced watch mode” is getting a major update on the 4100+ platform which includes step and heart-rate support, battery indicator, alarms, and not excluding the reminders (with time and date still visible).

Qualcomm launches

Also important to the latest Qualcomm launch is the advantage of improved GPS support with low power requirements for sport-oriented smartwatches.

Lastly, is to be told that the first watches to deploy the new 4100 chips are emerging from Mobvoi, understood to be the maker of the TicWatch line, and the other is imoo that will potentially launch a kid-centric smartwatch on the platform.

What is your take on Qualcomm launching its new smartwatch chips?