QUEEN MAY SUSPEND, As Intended By Boris Johnson!


Queen May Suspend
The Queen

UK: The Queen may suspend parliament today based on the request from the Prime Minister ‘Boris Johnson’ in a bid to ignore MPs that would oppose a no-deal Brexit. This is based on the fact that MPs would return next week before the prolonged recess would come to an end, October 14.

It’s understood angry PMs opposed to a no-deal Brexit are concerned, with a good number of them pointing finger at ‘Boris Johnson’ who they say is acting like a “tin-top dictator”. However, Her Majesty, who is in Balmoral would be asked by Privy Council to agree to prorogue parliament, to effect this, they will meet today in order to discuss extending the house recess until 14th October, based on the Queen’s Speech.

It’s not clear whether the Queen may suspend parliament today, but, should the Queen act according to the Privy Council’s request! MPs will not sit from September 9th to October 14. This will practically mean, the Queen would be asked to present her speech, in the process – formally open the Parliament and lay out the Government’s plans, October 14.

Meanwhile, it all became clear when ‘Sajid Javid’ had canceled his first major speech as chancellor, in the process has brought forward a government spending review to September 4.

Emerging reports from a No 10 source told BBC: “It’s time a new government and new PM set out a plan for the country after we leave the EU”. Coupled with tweets from BBC’s Nick Robinson and the political editor ‘Laura Kuenssberg’;

Hearing that the Queen could be asked to prorogue parliament as early as today. She’s in Balmoral. It would be done by Order in Council. Only one source. Not confirmed. Watch this space”.

“Johnson government to hold Queen’s Speech on 14th October will be confirmed by the privy council at Balmoral today – No 10 says it’s all biz as usual for a new government, but has a useful political side effect that denies MPs time to try to stop no deal.

“Parliament likely to meet therefore from next Monday until around the 11th of September – understand Downing St thinks they have some legal protection from court cases if they are suspending Parliament to come back with a Queen’s Speech – there is going to be HUGE row”.

Elsewhere, a former minister had told the Times: “It’s outrageous and profoundly undemocratic. It’s not the action of someone who is serious about getting a deal”.

As opposition make effort to stop a no-deal Brexit, the Queen’s interference intended by the Privy Council could worsen the chances of a no-deal. Based on this, ‘Dominic Grieve’ told BBC Radio 5 Live:

If the prime minister persists with this and doesn’t back off, then I think the chances are that his administration will collapse”.

There is plenty of time to do that if necessary [and] I will certainly vote to bring down a Conservative government that persists in a course of action which is so unconstitutional”.

Meanwhile, a tweet from the Labour’s deputy leader ‘Tom Watson’ – bluntly spelled:

We do not have a “new government”. This action is an utterly scandalous affront to our democracy. We cannot let this happen”.   

  • It’s not clear if the Queen may suspend parliament today, your take if she does?

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