RENEGOTIATION DEAL, On Brexit. May Pushes With MPs!


Renegotiation deal

The British Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ on Tuesday called the earlier agreed deal with European Union leaders a controversial deal and therefore is seen as ‘no deal’ by the parliament. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister‘May’ met with the European Union leaders with the hope of rescuing the Brexit deal.

The British Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ met with German and Dutch leaders based on the Irish border issue, which experts claim will have economic consequences.

Questions are asked of Brexit’s future, a possible next step for Britain and Europe.

The United Kingdom parliament claims they have not reached any deal with the European Union, and sees the earlier deal a no-deal. Based on this, the United Kingdom is seeking fresh negotiations with the rest of Europe.

According to reports from the United Kingdom, goods crossing the border to Ireland will attract tariffs. And this is viewed as one of its economic consequences based on no-deal Brexit. 

As European Union warns of the Brexit renegotiation deal, lessons are said to be learned, in case any country is willing to leave the European Union.

Responding to this, ‘Angelo Markel’ of Germany said ‘no’ to United Kingdom on Brexit renegotiation deal.

The United Kingdom parliament and the Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ refused to accept negotiation terms, while they are concern perhaps ‘Theresa May’ would have to step aside for someone else handle Brexit renegotiation.

Based on this, the European market shares were impacted by some losses.

As ‘Theresa May’ continues to face uncertainty in terms of her future in the parliament, her party yesterday the 12th had a meeting. And it turned out to unfold how angry they are, a difficult situation it is at the moment. They have rejected the deal and urged her for renegotiation, in other words ‘Second Referendum’.

The issue of concern is what the Prime Minister is faced with, even as she currently fights hard to keep her job. May faces ‘no confidence vote’ called by her own party parliament. The result of the vote are as follows;

Favor – two hundred (200) and one hundred and seventeen (117) against.

  • So what is the faith of ‘Theresa May’ and the UK on Brexit renegotiation deal?

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