Samsung Galaxy Ring Leaks, Release Date & All You Should Know


Samsung Galaxy Ring

Samsung in its effort in the tech space came up with the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and the Z Fold 5 which was announced alongside the new Watch 6 and Tab S9 at its Unpacked event, this undoubtedly meant a busy year for the tech giant. However, one thing wasn’t mentioned at all during Unpacked 2023 – the Samsung Galaxy Ring, which became a topic of discussion for everyone. 

Leaked in late 2022, there’ve been several rumours and speculations making the round about the Samsung G. Ring indicating when it’s being manufactured and when it’ll most likely be available to buy. Regardless of timings, after seeing the success of the Ultrahuman Ring Air and the Oura Ring, it is predicted that the Samsung Ring will certainly be in high demand.

To keep you up-to-date with all things related to Samsung’s ring, here’s everything you need to know about the tech giant’s ring, including release date, features, rumours and more.

Here’s the thing: we do not know a whole lot about the subject Ring. Despite many leaks about its manufacturing and release date, everything is being kept very ‘secret’. But judging by rumours and how other smart rings from other brands work, we can take an educated guess on what the Samsung G. Ring will be like.

Looking at the concept of what is a smart ring and which one should you buy, however, bear in mind that smart rings are designed to sit on your finger and act similarly to the best smartphones. The existing smart ring that one can currently find on the market offers health and wellness tracking, which includes monitoring and reporting on your sleep, heart rate, workouts and stress levels. In the initial leaks, it was found that the tech giant Samsung had reportedly begun the development of a smart ring, noting that Samsung has applied for a patent for a ring featuring heart rate and ECG monitoring, which has made us confident of this prediction.

Noting that there hasn’t been any confirmed release date, it should be borne in mind that a good number of people are asking; is the Samsung Galaxy Ring coming soon? Meanwhile, SamMobile reported in July 2023 that mass production of the Galaxy Ring could start in August 2023, since the subject company was reportedly on the verge of a final version of the ring. Once finalized by the suppliers, the Samsung G. Ring could then be signed off for production to begin immediately.

In view of this, rumours have suggested that the Samsung G. Ring could be released in 2024 with some outlets speculating that it could be announced at the company’s Unpacked 2024 event. Typically, Samsung Galaxy Unpacked events often take place at the end of January or early February, an indication that the Samsung G. Ring could be coming sooner than we could imagine.

Whether the Ring is launched in late 2024 or pushed back to 2025 based on speculation emerging from some industry sources, it’s also worth noting that the Samsung G. Ring will need to obtain medical device approval for its health tracking features, and this will mean more time to develop and manufacture the Ring.

Samsung G. Ring: Price and Availability

It’s evident, that there has not been any news or leaks surrounding the price and availability of the Samsung G. Ring. But noting that this is the first of its kind from the tech giant Samsung and a new release, we can make a guess!

The Samsung G. Ring will most likely have a high price tag, some sources have claimed that it could potentially have a similar price to Samsung’s range of Galaxy smartwatches. As of writing, the cheapest Samsung smartwatch starts at $280. Looking at other smart rings on the market, the Ultrahuman Ring Air is $320 and the Oura Ring Gen3 is $299, meaning the Samsung Galaxy Ring could be available within these figures.

While we expect the Samsung G. Ring to certainly look like a ring, there have been some arguments for adding a screen to smart rings, so we imagine that as its first launch, the subject Ring will have a sleek design with no visible screen. Hence, a likely scenario that has already been spotted in the Galaxy Wearables app will most likely be the case, such that the Samsung G. Ring will need an app to view, monitor and control it, since the smart ring is expected to have health and wellness features, like workout recording, heart rate monitoring and much more.

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