Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung galaxy watch is expected to be launch in the next couple of weeks, based on the fact that we are in the second quarter of the year, more likely to see a new wearable from Samsung launch. It is also understood, Samsung smartwatch is structured to stand out, having entered the market led by Apple smartwatch. As Samsung follows Apple on a wide range, its timepiece is to run on Google wear operating system (Google wear OS). Since Google has in the past release its own devices, 2019 could also be a year Google might release its own smartwatch and could be called pixel watch.

It is understood galaxy watch 2 will emerge as the best Android smartwatch, though speculating what the company might have up its sleeve. This wearable could be seen as Samsung best ever.

In another dimension, back in 2017 and 2018, Samsung launched its Gear Sport and Galaxy watch. Based on this, there are strong indications of its new Galaxy watch that could be launch August 2019 which could arrive with the next smartphone, Galaxy Note. Samsung had already announced its next Unpacked event, schedule 7th August, after that we could talk about its sale. Before we talk about its price tag, we would analyze its hardware and software functionality.

Speaking of galaxy watch 2 design (hardware), it is understood it’s structured a bit different from that of Apple’s smartwatch, more like a wristwatch and bit bulky. It has two (2) buttons at two and four o’clock respectively, with a round face, rotating bezel, and have this feature of any regular strap. Its actual look is still not clear, recent leak reveals its development codename as ‘Renaissance’ and this indicates huge changes could be made. Though, this smartwatch is expected to come in different designs and colors.

It is equally understood, Samsung galaxy watch 2 software and features are where it is expected of the company to make a huge change, speculations had it that Samsung could switch from its native ‘Tizen software’ to Google ware OS, but eventually maintained its original OS. If it does change, then there would other changes regarding its functionality.

Away from galaxy watch 2 hardware while we focus on its software, there are rumors that its OS might be changed, and this will result in changes regarding its rotating bezel. Based on this, Samsung customers could be treated with a third-party application than its Tizen. But whichever operating system Samsung wish to deploy, Samsung customers are to expect a wide range of fitness and health features. This could be introduced through its health application or Google Fit.

At the time of publication, Apple claims its working on the ECG feature on its series 4 watch, we should expect Samsung to counter it with its advance health technology.

The price of Samsung smartwatch 2 could be similar to its Galaxy watch starting at 279 pounds for its 42mm and 299 pounds for the larger 46mm, which could affect that of Apple, starting at 399 pounds.

  • What are our expectations from Samsung galaxy watch 2, your comment?

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