SHARED INBOX, Also Front Has Added WhatsApp!


Shared Inbox

‘Shared inbox’ known as ‘Front’ and a startup company that lets you manage your inboxes with its integrated services as a team, and a company that believes great work begins in your inbox have recently included WhatsApp in addition to the already existing channels on its platform. However, the latest – WhatsApp integration service is designed to help you read and reply to those contacting you through the same WhatsApp channel.

Over time, the company has been adding a bunch of features that allow you and your team to start a thread without having to send an email as your first response. This means, in a situation when a client sends you an email, you will first comment on the thread, like the process on a social media while mentioning your colleagues.

Hence, the latest development from the company is precisely for those using the service on WhatsApp (Business) platform. However, if you have a business phone number from the right source, this contact should be giving to your customer, thereafter, you will be able to view messages associated with that customer in Front, and then you will be able to treat it as shared inbox messages.

Should your client be in need of relevant answer as quickly as possible! Then the option is simple, assign such conversation to specific team members that will see to that conversation. However, the whole process works like chat interface.

In fact, if you have been using this service on the basis of text messages, it’s important you understand that you could effortlessly integrate WhatsApp for the same service.

Prior to this development, its understood companies use emails for their internal communications and this means that you have to send an email, then your colleagues can make their comment regarding the original content of that email. But at the moment, companies have deployed ‘Shared Inbox’ service (Front) to speak to their coworkers.

According to the co-founder and CEO ‘Mathilde Collin’, “We aren’t planning for internal conversations to move to Front, but a lot of them very well could. A tool like Slack is often used for questions that don’t require the immediate response that Slack demands”. And added,

By bringing these messages into Front, we aim to reduce disruptions and help people stay focused”. 

The company (Front) began on a small scale with generic address services, but have over time, deployed multiple channels ranging from social media networks, website chat, and text messages. However, the inclusion of WhatsApp is an addition to already existing social channels.

Lastly, the price of the company’s service starts at 9 dollars.

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