SOCIAL GIANT FACEBOOK. To Launch ‘Virtual Dating’!


Social giant facebook

Reports claim the social giant Facebook is on the verge of permitting users to go on “virtual dates” according to the company’s announcement. In the process, the social media giant plans to introduce a new video calling feature that will permit users of its Facebook Dating service video call and connect via Messenger, which will, in turn, serve as an alternative to real-world date. A feature that is greatly in much demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with the social distancing practice and the stay-at-home order.

At the moment, government lockdowns has infused serious restrictions, denying online daters the opportunity to meet up for the first date. Such as restaurants, bars, malls, and other retail establishments that are closed across regions impacted by the pandemic (COVID-19). It’s also important to know that many online dating app users will be wary of meeting up with strangers for the first time, and to-know-their dates, which is dependent on when the lockdown is lifted. However, video chat promises the best bet – offering safer options that will help figure out their matches.

But there is an issue of concern and that has to do with other online dating apps with the primary purpose of connecting people in the real world. Should Facebook with billions on its social network succeed in this! Online dating apps with this goal will have issues with their business.

The social giant Facebook isn’t the first online dating service provider to offer video due to the pandemic. Although, the subject feature is still under development, while on the other hand, the company has decline to share how this feature will function based on security and privacy attributes.

Meanwhile, these are likely expectation users should expect when the new Facebook Dating feature goes live, users will be able to invite a match to a virtual date. But you have the option to either choose to decline or accept the offer through a pop-up notification that appears. If all goes well, by accepting, the users will be connected in a video chat enabled by Facebook Messenger that will allow them to connect with each other.

There has been a huge demand for the last two months as users embrace virtual dating, the company claimed. But should we expect users’ privacy to be safe for obvious reasons! Bumble, for instance, has offered voice and video calling for about a year, presenting similar features as that of Apple’s Face Time. Users don’t have to share their email address coupled with other private information.

In another dimension, a different platform known as Match Group rolled out video across series of dating apps it operates, Match in this month added video chat that will enable users that have already matched to linkup over video calls. Also is another Match property – ‘Plenty of Fish’ – a live-streaming launched last month that gives singles a new way to hang out with friends of a potential match. While it’s owned Hinge has also rolled out a “Dating from Home” prompt and is preparing its live video date feature.

Lastly, Facebook claims the new feature will be available in the next couple of months and will be accessible everywhere Facebook Dating is accessed.

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