SONY’S PlayStation 5, Finally Delivered With ‘The Console’


Sony's PlayStation 5

In today’s Sony’s PlayStation 5 event was totally all about games, equally a good sign when the long awaited machine is due out hopefully by the end of the year. The subject company – Sony eventually pulled an important surprise of its sleeve, and that actually emerged after more than an hour of real PlayStation 5 gameplay capture. However, that which pulled up the company’s sleeve was “the console” previously announced back in January, and we have so far seen little of the hardware, beyond last month’s DualSense Controller review.

Surprisingly, the company eventually reviewed the PS5 machine and all its glory, and to be honest, the machine looks pretty slick. This is based on the fact that it did look more of a router than we all expected and that is when placed up against the Xbox Series X which is also a special machine in this space. Meanwhile, we will most likely see multiple color options of the PS5, while the unit that featured prominently in the event were the same sort white with the trim black color scheme we’ve seen on the controller reviews.

Sony's PlayStation 5

The company had previously promised a show of some of its PlayStation 5 games which were meant to hold 4th of this month, but was postponed due to concern over coronavirus and some other reason, sorry you were not notified of that adjustment, however, it has finally delivered in that respect.

Looking at Sony’s PlayStation 5 console you will observe that one could find it a bit difficult to place the machine in a horizontal form adding to the shape, and as you can see, it’s evident there are two unique versions of the system. The one at the right hand is the Digital Edition, which ditches the familiar disc drive, while at the left is the standard PlayStation 5. On the other hand, looking at Microsoft’s digital version of the last Xbox, Sony seems not yet ready to abandon physical games, and will most likely result in a price cut over the standard model.

Lastly, is the console specification, there is a separate HD camera accessory and matching Pulse 3D headphones, which actually featured the 3D audio the company has been working on for a long time. Also, we are aware we are in for an AMD Zen 2 CPU and AMD’s RDNA 2-based GPU, and not excluding 16GB of RAM and an 825GB SSD.

While we wait for more details, what is your take on Sony’s PlayStation 5 latest?