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SpaceX falcon

SpaceX falcon spacecraft is the world’s first private passenger to fly around the moon. It isn’t good news that only twenty-four (24) humans have been to the moon in history. This is why SpaceX is developing a system for ordinary people dreaming of traveling to space.

Since humans began the exploration of the space, it has always been restricted to space specialists and astronauts. While on the other hand, the rockets were not reusable, making space exploration extensively expensive.

The breakthrough from the SpaceX falcon project is huge. This is based on the fact that lunar BFR Mission focuses on private passengers willing to explore the space as tourists, and not for scientific purposes, precisely its first mission to space.

The Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) spacecraft is a massive thirty-five (35) story tall rocket designed to launch and land in space, carrying dozens of people on board instead of just satellites.

The amazing story coupled with the breakthrough is that its (SpaceX) first mission with the first tourist group to travel with BFR spacecraft will be championed by a young Japanese billionaire.

This Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa is an entrepreneur who made his fortune as the founder of online retailers Start Today and Zozotown. Reflecting on Maezawa’s comment;

Ever since I was a kid, I loved the moon. It’s always there and continues to inspire humanity

This is a project that I designed and made: #dearMoon,”- Maezawa

Maezawa declared his intension, saying “I choose to go to the moon with artists, and as the host would like to invite 6 to 8 artists from around the world on a mission to the moon. This implies taking care of all expenses for those that will be on board of SpaceX BFR. However, since there will be a host of artists, it could mean partying out of this planet in a spaceship.

The BFR transportation system is built with a giant 31-engine rocket topped by a spaceship capable of carrying 100 people or more. More reason it is equally known as falcon heavy. The two vehicles will be fully and rapidly reusable, this will help Mars colonization economically feasible, as stated by SpaceX CEO and founder ‘Elon Musk’.

For obvious reasons, one would understand that some of us are tired of staying on earth, and so with SpaceX developing falcon 9 which made history in 2012 by delivering Dragon into the correct orbit for rendezvous with the international space station, space tourism would become a reality. This made SpaceX the first commercial company ever to visit the space station. So far, Falcon 9 has made numerous trips to space, delivering satellites to orbit as well, returning and delivering cargo from the NASA space station.

It boils down to the fact that Falcon 9 along with Dragon spacecraft were originally designed to deliver humans into space in agreement with NASA.

So if you are desperately in need of going to space on tour, contact Maezawa or alternatively, the SpaceX team.

  • Although some are tired of this planet ‘earth’! Is SpaceX here to help?