SpaceX TRANSPORT, People. First-Ever Launch To Space!


SpaceX transport

‘Elon Mask’ sets a huge milestone as SpaceX transport humans with a first-ever crewed spaceflight scheduled to take off later today from Cape Canaveral, Florida. However, this is the culmination of its Crew Dragon human spacecraft development program, and a mission tagged ‘Commercial Crew Demo-2’ that will transport NASA astronauts ‘Doug Hurley’ and ‘Bob Behnken’ to the International Space Station.

While the Demo-2 mission is positioned specifically as the final test phase of Crew Dragon, and after it, Falcon 9, which is the rocket used to transport it to orbit will be certified for regular operational spaceflight that will be used by NASA. This implies the end of test flight and the beginning of its regular transportation services of astronaut crew to and from the International Space Station, which also means joining Russia’s Soyuz to the orbital science platform.

According to reports, the Crew Dragon launch is currently set to take off from Kennedy Space Center at 4:33 PM EDT (1:33 PM PDT), and as we all know, this is dependent on the weather conditions. But the weather has not been friendly for the past few days based on findings, with this, SpaceX and NASA have also made it clear that they could make the call as late as around 45 minutes prior to the scheduled launch time about whether or not to delay. However, if for any reason today’s attempt proves difficult, it will be rescheduled for May 30 and 31st.

SpaceX transporting people to space is the first-ever crewed spaceflight for the company, which is currently on the verge of making history as the first U.S-based human rocket launch last witnessed since the end of Space Shuttle program in 2011. SpaceX emerging as the first among the selected Commercial Crew program in 2010 is an undertaking from NASA aimed at public-private partnerships to return its launch capabilities. This saw the selection of both NASA and Boeing to design and develop spacecraft precisely for human flight.

In the same vein, it’s equally understood SpaceX has also begun plans to also offer berths on Crew Dragon designed precisely for private citizens coupled with commercial scientists and other passengers. This is also one of the reasons why NASA seeks to lower the cost of transportation for astronauts to space through the aid of seats made available for other customers that will offset launch and flight expenses.

What is your take as SpaceX transport people to space for the first time?