SPOTIFY NEWEST, Paid Plan Expanded To The Latinos!


Spotify Newest

The extension of Spotify newest paid subscription plan which the company designed for two persons, has just been launch into its newest market – Latin America, namely: Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Argentina, Panama, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Peru.

The plan is known as ‘Premium Duo’ – designed precisely for couples, while in another dimension could be shared by individuals with the same residential address, such as students in the same high school sharing the same room – ‘roommates’. Prior to this development, the company had earlier tested this service in a few countries in Europe and South America.

Meanwhile, one of the beauties associated with Spotify’s newest paid subscription is its feature, a replica of the ‘Family Plan’ – presents each user with functionality that separates an individual’s music preference and recommendations, equally like the ‘Large Group Plan’. The Duo subscription consists of the ‘Duo Mix’ unlike the ‘Family Plan’ which comes with a ‘Custom Mix’ consisting playlist everyone in the family enjoys. However, subscribers in Duo plan can possibly share their playlist libraries with each other.

Speaking of the company’s achievement based on its ’Premium Duo’, emerging reports from the company have it that it has added 8 million subscribers since its launch, while on the other hand, the company currently have 108 million subscribers on its paid plan, with a total of 232 million subscribers including those that are not paying.

Meanwhile, it’s understood the cost of running a ‘Duo Plan’ account is cheaper than the ‘Family Plan’, but a little bit higher than a single ‘Premium Plan’. Economic wise, it’s advisable for spouse and roommates to go for the ‘Dou Subscription Plan’ other than subscribing separately.

But at the moment, Spotify isn’t rendering the services associated with the ‘Premium Duo’ to all users, while in the process, the company claim it’s still examining the impact of the service at the moment. Currently, there are limitations to ‘Duo’ service, but if you are already a Premium user within a geographical region where ‘Duo’ is enabled you can access your account and upgrade.

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