Startup Aumio Raises €3M For Its Mental Health App!


Startup Aumio
Image Credit: Team Aumio

According to findings, notably in the EU and other developed geographies, it was figured out that one in three children has suffered mental-related health problems since the pandemic. Simply because, during this period, many children became isolated and lost out on vital parts of childhood, and the aftermath effect is now evident. To curb this scourge, startup Aumio is rethinking children’s entertainment to help boost their mental well-being and has just raised €3 million for its app.

Judging by the current climate of developed geographies, it’s clear that they’re now more aware of mental health and well-being and are believed to be more equipped to deal with this concern. This actually meant the demand for mental health services for children is growing rapidly. The Berlin-based startup which has taken the bull by the horn just raised a fresh fund backed by Partech and byFounders.

Founded in 2020 by ‘Jean Ochel’, ‘Felix Noller’, ‘Tilman Wiewinner’, and ‘Simon Senkl’, the subject startup offers a unique product that is designed as a meditation and sleep app specifically for kids. With playful exercises and mindful stories, Aumio helps children grow up healthy, less stressed, and confident. This is because the subject app offers child-friendly entertainment in the form of meditations, yoga exercises, audio games, and bedtime stories. It’s also worth noting that the app was developed together with experts at Freie Universität Berlin, and has been proven to help with issues such as sleep, concentration disorders, and stress.

It appears the startup audio’s product is a Disney prototype, but with medical backing.

Responding to this development, ‘Tilman Wiewinner’, co-founder of Aumio said: “We are seeing a new generation of parents and educators who care deeply about providing their children with high-quality experiences and child-centered content. With Aumio, we are launching a new era of entertainment that is fun for kids but also mindful and beneficial for their mental health at the same time. We want to become the Disney for mental health”.

More to this is that children have access to a constantly growing selection of child-friendly entertainment in the form of meditations, audio games, yoga exercises coupled with bedtime stories. Since its launch in March 2021, over 200,000 families in the DACH region have signed up, with content available in English and German, according to a source familiar with the matter. Furthermore, Aumio has also now developed content in Ukrainian to help children tragically impacted by the war.

To broaden the potential of the product, the firm’s team has reportedly begun to partner with leading German health insurance companies, including Allianz, KKH, and TK, among others. In the meantime, startup Aumio offers tailored content for schools and over 900 teachers are already using Aumio in the classroom.

‘Jean Ochel’, psychologist and founder of Aumio, commented: “The market for digital mental health products for adults has been growing steadily for years. But there are hardly any offerings for young people. With Aumio, we have developed the first app that is specifically tailored to the needs of families. It playfully teaches children how to deal with stress, anxiety, or sleep problems in their everyday lives. Aumio is the app I wish I had when I was a kid with ADHD”.

To ensure it doubles down on its vision, Aumio plans to triple its team of 10 employees and expand across Europe and the U.S. with its team of psychologists, educators, and tech experts in the coming months.

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