Startup GO Sharing Brings E-Shared Cars To Netherlands!


Startup GO Sharing
Image Credit: GO Sharing

Dutch-based e-mobility startup GO Sharing has reportedly made known that the company will hence add electric shared cars to its portfolio of services in the Netherlands, which is also an addition to the company’s e-mopeds and e-bikes.

GO Sharing was founded in 2019 with the primary aim of transforming the approach to transport while partnering with reputable auto giant BMW|MINI Dubbelsteyn to supply the electric MINI Coopers needed to be deployed for the new e-mobility service.

Meanwhile, the subject startup is believed as one that offers a multi-modal approach to the e-mobility space with a range of e-mopeds, and e-bikes coupled with the latest shared electric cars. Going forward, GO Sharing is understood to be a company on a mission to change global attitudes towards transport, in a bid to ensure it offers more accessible, sustainable, and eco-friendly by reducing the impact on urban scenery.

In a bid to ensure it expands its footprint to new markets while doubling down on its goal, the startup expanded beyond the Netherlands, deploying 200 e-mopeds in Vienna, Austria. Given this, the company now offers a range of transport options throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, and Austria.

Based on this development, notably concerning the new product expansion, 30 shared electric cars have been mapped out and will be divided over assigned charging stations in the cities of Den Bosch, Delft, The Hague, Rotterdam, and Eindhoven to stimulate the use of shared mobility between regions. Consequently, it will partner with Q-Park, and as such has created several ‘mobility hubs’ across the aforementioned cities – namely in Den Bosch (Q-Park Arena and Movenpick), Delft (YES!Delft), The Hague (Q-Park Laakhaven), Rotterdam (Q-Park Schiecentrale, Best Western Rotterdam Airport and Excelsior stadium), and Eindhoven (Q-Park Bijenkorf and Novotel). This is significant for the subject startup GO Sharing since the subject cars will have assigned charging stations in these cities while allowing users to easily enter and leave Q-Park car parks with the aid of automatic number plate recognition.

Moreover, the existing GO Sharing users seeking to use the electric MINI Coopers can do that by opting to share car plans. Since this will take effect after approval, users 23 and older who currently possess valid driving licenses can book and use electric cars. Bearing in mind that rides are charged at €0.30 per minute, with an initial fee of €4.99 per booking.

“We see increased use of e-mopeds and e-bikes over private vehicles for intraregional trips, but the majority of travelers still rely on their private vehicle, public transport, or rental cars for international journeys. We would like to offer people the chance to grab an electric moped – or e-bike for more active individuals – nearby and drive to a Mobility Hub. There, they switch to a car for their interregional transport and use another e-moped or e-bike to get their end destination – covering all these movements within a single app”, the company’s CEO ‘Raymon Pouwels’ said.

The sustainability-focused startup also plans to open more Mobility Hubs across more cities in the future, bringing its range of e-transport options that cover all scenarios to a good number of people.

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