Startup Wild Raises €5.9M To Sanitize Personal-Care Market!


Startup Wild
Image Credit: Wild

UK-based startup Wild Cosmetics pioneering the vision to remove single-use plastics and unnecessary chemicals from everyday personal-care routines aimed at paving way for the refill revolution has raised an additional €5.9 million for its sustainable deodorant alternative.

It follows an exciting 2021 for the young startup which recorded 400% year-on-year growth, selling 2.5 million units of its gender-neutral line of elegantly designed natural compostable deodorant, however, the fresh round was backed by JamJar Investments, which also saw the participation of existing investors Creator Collective Capital, Dutch Slingshot Ventures including prominent digital creators and influencers such as Niomi Smart. While it all appears that the refill revolution is here to stay, Wild had in November 2020 raised €2.2 million via new partnership efforts.

Wild was founded in 2019 by childhood friends, ‘Freddy Ward’ and ‘Charlie Bowes-Lyon’ to offer a design-led offering to the eco-friendly personal-care market – identified to be perfect for the Instagram and TikTok generation.

“Charlie and I are part of a generation that has grown up scrutinizing waste, unnecessary packaging, and potentially harmful ingredients. Consumers are starting to really address the uncomfortable reality of single-use plastic waste across their households”, Wild’s founder and CEO ‘Freddy Ward’ said.

The reusable aluminium case actually comes in six metallic shades – electric blue, aqua, pink, coral, black, and purple – viewed as colors that denote the latest must-have tech accessory. The biodegradable deodorant which comes in a bamboo pulp refill is inserted into the case via a simple twist mechanism, which is made in Bournemouth.

Moreover, the cream-based, notably vegan formula is made with natural botanical oils, butter, and waxes, which is free from gluten, BHT, aluminium, and triclosan, featuring ten sophisticated scent choices driven by its own consumer feedback. While the subject product is a mass premium product known to be extremely user-friendly.

As Europe double down on tackling global plastic concerns, it’s worth noting that plastic packaging is finally becoming front and center of consumer conscience across Europe and other regions. As a result, startup Wild is offering a subscription option, giving it a massive opportunity in order to continue growing.

Statistically, the global market value for natural cosmetics and personal care – Statista, expected a positive increase from almost $34.5 billion in 2018 to roughly $54.5 expected for the year 2027, unfolding the growing importance of the natural and organic market.

Looking at the product market potential, with 80% of the population using deodorant on a daily basis notably from the age of 16 upward, it’s evident, that a well-loved, trusted deodorant brand like Wild has the potential to capture a good number of consumers for life.

Furthermore, putting eco-choices to the forefront of business also meant a limp beyond the flagship product. To this end, the startup has planted more than 150K trees coupled with cash donations to charities through its partnership with On A Mission.

The founders of the subject startup will use the latest investment to bolster its sustainability credentials as it prepares to emerge certified B Corporation. Equally, the company which is headquartered in London is also poised to deploy the fresh fund for its international ambition, thus, an expansion that will involve stretching the product range into other personal care segments.

In view of this development, ‘Richard Reed’ at Jam Jar Investments commented: “Where ‘zero waste’ was once only the preserve of the most committed eco-warrior, it now represents an accessible choice that all shoppers can embrace on their own level…As the refill revolution becomes increasingly mainstream, we believe Wild’s established understanding of the sector, products, and our customers, paired with their nimbleness, puts them in a strong position to continue to build on their success”.

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