STREET HAWKING, Amid Inflation – Now A Jail Term!

One amazing reason why poeple are thrown into prisons on regular basis in cities, is hawking

Street hawking


As the unemployed strive for survival, a way to keep going like street hawking is often placed on the table in a bid to ensure their hope isn’t totally dashed. And as for the subject, which is often carried out in diverse dimensions by these helpless citizens is rather an approach to the already present situation they’re braced with irrespective of the risk it posed. However, there are concerns regarding this context. Such as the rationale behind snapping these citizens into jails!

It’s also understood that there are of course categories of hawking, which is dependent on the axis it’s been carried out coupled with its proportion. Yet, in a bid to avoid a disproportionate argument, one would also understand that the whole story actually boils down to some calculation – that a square meal at least did help issues.

identified two main types of hawkers which are; the hawkers that carry their goods in wheels and the sidewalk hawkers who sit with their wares beside the road.” – Olalere (2007)

Meanwhile, as inflation builds, societal pressure also builds, as such, one would confirm that the number of unemployed will rhetorically add to the number currently on the streets that are daily seeking their bread. If we could view things from the current climate, while taking into account that quite a number of factors still remain unclear, one could see that it’s evidence there isn’t sign this is going to end anytime soon since potential measures are still far from addressing the immediate societal concerns. Amazingly, this class of citizens barely lay their hands on high-value products as it’s far-fetched to be retailed, rather they’re found basically with petty items.

While we direct our course in this trajectory of societal governance, it will be fair to view street hawking from a political perspective. Moreover, inflation as we know often occurs as a result of economic hardship imposed on the masses due to ill political policies. But the middle class and those below, otherwise, classified as the poor and the middle class is often those that feel the most part of the pinch. This goes to show when a society or the system is poorly structured, available means of survival wouldn’t be considered a risk other than a viable option. Yet have those at the helm of the affairs ensure rules are enforced, though as checks, and if not for anything, for societal hygiene.

Further on this, poor governance has, and if not always remained a huge concern. Though, it wouldn’t have been an issue if things weren’t shaped disproportionately as some may view it. Also, in my view, I don’t think anyone will be passionate to get along with this kind of petty trade as a source of livelihood, noting the harsh weather (scorching sun and the rain). Experts have also pointed out that the subject act would have been curbed if the inflation rate is brought below average or minimum. As we know, politicians would’ve in no doubt during their political champagne promised heaven on earth but wouldn’t materialize, owing to the fact that they would either focus on their ideo-political interest and then they can hardly be an efficient and functional economy.  

“In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.” – Confucius

In another dimension, it’s also been figured out that quite a number of law enforcement personnel, some of whom – classified as dodgy police officials haven’t in recent time been fair with these petty traders, rather, have they been turned to a tool of extortion. While in this scenario, one would have expected that their approach will be solely focused on ensuring that rules are not breached other than taking the step of a potential adversary. However, before we’re presented with a case else I leave this submit without one. It will be fair to ask! – Who will bail the cat?


The subject young man, master Friday whose age is within the range of eighteen and twenty. Resides in Lagos, unfortunately, it happened that a team of the special task force from the state police department were on a raid within the axis where he hawks the items he retails, mainly phone accessories.

Unfortunately, he was arrested by the team of police taskforce during the raid, the same team equally moved him to their unit, and there he was heard and charged. Eventually, the subject victim – Friday was charged with five months’ imprisonment or an option of 20,000 Naira fine. That he would either pay the fine or face the jail term, which the latter eventually became the case. And as of the time of my visit, he had spent four months behind bars.

  • But should they flee the road in order to avoid an ugly outcome of street hawking?