SUPREME COURT, Ruling Over Adeleke. PDP Condemn’s!


Supreme Court
Senator Adeleke Denied

According to reports, Supreme Court robbed Adeleke of his governorship election victory, as a result, a civil rights organization known as Coalition of Public Interest Lawyers and Advocates (COPILA) have cried out over the Supreme Court verdict which affirmed Governor Gboyega Oyetola of All Progressives Congress party (APC) victory. Response from the organization indicates that the action of the apex court has proportionately dealt with Osun electorate, and has strategically imposed injustice.

Reacting to how Supreme Court robbed Adeleke, some wondered why the court should punish candidates of the People Democratic Party (PDP), while others say it occurred as a result of the absence of one Justice Peter Obiora during a tribunal sitting.

The coalition also said, “It is only in a corrupt entity called Nigeria that the mistake of a judge in a case is ruled as the mistake of a litigant”.

Also the convener of the organization (COPILA), Pelumi Olajengbesi said in a statement issued in Abuja yesterday, entitled, “Osun State: An aberration of Justice enforced by the Supreme Court”, and also added that the court verdict has killed “the long vision of liberating the State (Osun State)”.  

Olajengbesi, lamented on how Supreme Court robbed Adeleke, and said, although the judiciary has been referred to as the last hope of the common man, and also seen as the fourth estate that holds’ the pillar of any democracy, adding that the Supreme Court has erred.

He also said, “The journey to the disaffirmation of they’ve long known as the truth has been arduous and trying. Adding that, “the path to justice was strewn with setbacks, wars, shadow-battles concerted efforts that meticulously pulled the wool over the eyes of injustice, all against the people of Osun”.

Adding that, “We have witnessed a huge chunk of the integrity of our Supreme Court blown to bits and by its insistence on disregarding a substantive suit whose merit affects the lives and livelihood of a state and its people to tow the path of technicality”.

The organization in a statement commended Senator Adeleke, “whose effervescence, free spirit and resilience strengthened his faith in the courts to do right”.

Olajengbesi said, “He was courageous and bold, refusing to be hindered by the antics of your opponents to sacrifice the people’s mandate. However, “we celebrate his doggedness, and it is our prayer that history should remember him for standing up in defense of what is just”. Adding that, “Some of us believe he duly won the election and a referendum by our people even though the same has been disregarded by the courts on the altar of legal summersaults”. It’s understood Supreme Court robbed Adeleke.

  • Since the Supreme Court robbed Adeleke, should he take the case to a higher court?

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