TELEGRAM FEATURE, ‘Slow Mode’ Has Been Introduced!


Telegram Feature

Recently a new Telegram feature was released by the company popularly known with instant messaging App, aimed at providing group admins on the same platform proper control on how members respond, also understood as one of its latest in recent times.

The new telegram feature is known as ‘Slow Mode practically enable a group administrator lay down a control measure on how members in a group could text in that group. However, once such instruction has been implemented in a certain group, and in the process, a text is sent in that group, the person that actually sent that text would have to wait at least 30 seconds, which could be extended to an hour before he or she could make another comment.

Meanwhile, this new feature from Telegram is aimed at curbing the rate at which information spread on its platform, however, have also been compared with measures deployed by WhatsApp in recent time, in order to guide against misinformation and the rate at which it spreads on its platform, – understood Telegram has been able to curb such challenges, neither has it been faced with similar issues.

Telegram as of 2018, has more than 200 million active users, and in its reports – said the new Telegram feature is designed to make conversations in groups “more orderly” and raising the “value of a single group”. However, there are other amazing features from Telegram such as video share that jumps directly at a certain timeframe, also found on YouTube, while another one is the location-flavored features, which allow an exchange of contact details without the use of digits by users.

In another dimension, a report from India’s and South Asia Director of Public Policy for Facebook ‘Shivnath Thukral’ recently in a conference, said virality of content on WhatsApp has dropped from 25% to 30% since it imposed limits on forwarding messages. This is based on enforced limits on how frequent users could forward text messages which were deployed by WhatsApp with the aid of machine learning techniques to root out fraudulent users during sign up procedure.

Telegram, claim its ‘Slow Mode’ isn’t aimed at tackling the spread of fraudulent information, rather the new Telegram feature will grand users ‘peace of mind”  200,000 users are allowed on a Telegram group compared with 256 users in a WhatsApp group.

While other advanced features of Telegram is the addition of silent option notification at the recipient end when a user sends a message and is implemented through this process – “simply hold the send button in order to have any message delivered without sound”, and it will be delivered quietly at the recipient end.

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